Our Childrens’ Needs no.4


Worry is a direct message to our children that we do not feel secure, that we do not feel able to face the tests and difficulties of life. It is a direct message that we believe (and therefore it is true) that life is dangerous, that human beings (and therefore our children) are weak and helpless and very vulnerable to these dangers of life.

When we worry about the child, we are saying, between the lines, «I do not have faith in you, in your ability to overcome the illness or this problem. I do not have faith in your discrimination, in your inner strength, in your ability to surpass this difficulty». All this undermines our children’s inner strength and faith in life itself.

It is also an indirect but clear message that we do not believe (and therefore it is not true) in the existence of a divine power, a divine wisdom and justice, a God, which is in some way connected with every being on the earth, and is sustaining and guiding each being. Our children then mature into adults who will believe that the world is chaos, that harm can come to us through accident and that we are helpless to do anything about it. They will feel weak, helpless, vulnerable victims living in a dangerous world. Their basic reaction will be that which they learned from their parents – worry, anxiety and fear.

If we really want to help our children, we will develop our inner strength and ability to face life. We will develop greater faith in the spiritual truths confirmed by all religions and spiritual philosophies. We will increase our faith in divine wisdom and justice, which is bringing to us exactly the experiences we need in order to mature emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We also need to understand that our children are being guided by that same spiritual force, and are also passing through exactly the experiences they must pass through, in order to blossom into the great spiritual beings that they really are.

A diamond starts out as a piece of coal and only through great pressure does it become a diamond. And when it is found it must be cut and rubbed so that its beauty may shine through. Gold is found in ore with other impurities. Only when it is melted and banged into shape does it take on a beautiful form. The same is true with the human personality. By facing difficulties, which test its inner strength and diminish its egoism, it grows more beautiful on all levels. The greatest gift that we can give to our children is faith. Faith in themselves and their abilities. Faith in ourselves. Faith in God. Faith in life. Faith in the immortality and indestructibility of the soul. And for those who accept the concept of reincarnation, faith in the fact that our children have lived thousands of lives and have grown into adulthood and died many times. They have millions of experiences stored in their soul memory. They have an inner voice that will guide them.


A child’s nutrition plays an important part in his physical and mental harmony. Many forms of hyperactive and negative behavior have been linked with the excessive consumption of “junk food” which contain a high percentage of sugar and white flour. These two white substances are known to weaken and undermine the functioning of the nervous system in children and adults. They lead to a depletion of B vitamins and important minerals, thus disturbing the functioning of both the nervous and endocrine systems.

In a research study on children in a reform school, it was found that their negative behavior dropped by 50% when they were given vitamin B supplements. In another study on people with fear of crowds (agoraphobia), 84% found relief from their fear through taking vitamin B-6.

Children need a variety of foods, which give them the necessary nutrients for the proper functioning of their body and mind. The basis of their diet should be cooked whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat, cracked wheat, oats, lentils, beans and chickpeas, etc. These whole grains should be combined with an equal portion of fresh raw vegetable, either whole or in salad form, such as carrots, beets (shredded), lettuce, spinach, celery, parsley, cabbage, etc. Some cooked vegetables may also be added, but they should not be overcooked so that the vitamins are destroyed or the minerals removed in the boiling process. Oil should not be used in cooking. It may be added to the food in the raw form at the table.

Fresh homegrown sprouts are an abundant source of vitamins, minerals and vital energy. Many children like the responsibility of caring for sprouts and watching them grow.

This basic diet of grains and vegetables can be supplemented with milk, yogurt, cheese, nuts of all kinds, dried fruits, fresh fruits, eggs and, if necessary, small portions of meat, poultry and fish. Many parents around the world today are bringing their children up as vegetarians. It has become a well-accepted fact that vegetarians in general are much healthier than meat eaters are.

It is important that white sugar products, chocolates and other “junk food” products be avoided as much as possible. They will make our children more nervous and less able to concentrate and learn. The child’s need for sweets and natural sugar can be satisfied with fresh dried fruits such as dried raisins, apricots, peaches, pears and apples. We can also learn to make sweets at home with pure products such as whole-wheat flour and pure honey.

Needless to say, we should follow the same dietary guidelines.

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