Laser Power Mind

The common mind is like a 60 watt light bulb which gives off a pleasant, not very powerful light, able to light up a small room, so that we can see well enough to function. Its light is confined to the small room and does not penetrate the walls to light up what is behind them. Nor can it sufficiently light up a larger room.

Our mind in the same way is pretty much confined to the small room called our superficial, personal, conscious reality. It does not have the power to penetrate to the depths of realities, beyond social preconceptions and misconceptions. It is limited by childhood programming and automatic emotional mechanisms, which keep it limited the surface of things – superficial.

The light of the ordinary light bulb is scattered in many directions and radiates at many different wavelengths and frequencies. If we could take this 60 watts and direct all the energy in the same direction and make all the rays move at the same frequency, we would have a laser, which could burn a hole through the wall (of illusion) and expose the reality behind it.

That is the same energy when synchronized and focused in only one direction becomes much more penetrating. This is true of light and also of our mind.

Meditation is the process by which we can turn our 60-watt ordinary mind into a laser mind, which will then be able to penetrate to the source of problems and solve them easily. It will be able to burn through the veil of childhood programming and help us to see the truth about ourselves, others and the world around us. Twenty minutes a day is not much of an investment for obtaining a laser mind, whose clarity and power can offer us a happier, more fulfilling life, as well as spiritual evolution and finally enlightenment.

It’s our choice. Even if we had all the money in the world we could not buy such a laser, nor can we steal it. Nor can anyone else build it for us.

Only we can build it in our own mind.

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