HS62 Uric Acid


A high measure of uric acid in the blood can lead to various illnesses such as gout, bladder or kidney stones or gall stones as well as arthritic and rheumatic conditions. It may be an indication of poor functioning of the kidneys and excretory system. Thus when one becomes aware that his body has a high uric acid count, he will do well to take measures to correct it. Below you will find some natural means for bringing the uric acid level back into the normal range.


1. Too much protein or salt in the diet. 2. Inability of body to assimilate and expel uric acid. 3. Hereditary weakness of kidneys. 4. Kidneys weakened through poor diet and unnatural life style. 5. Emotional tensions which disturb kidney functioning.


1. Drink plenty of water. Add a little lemon to the water or make a broth from boiled barley or boiled bean pods and drink regularly throughout the day. (See the section on kidneys and bladder).

2. Drink vegetable broths and fresh fruit or vegetable juices to purify the blood. They are alkaline and help balance the acid nature of the blood.

3. Occasional juice fasting can be very helpful in such situations. One can do two or three day fasts once a month to give the body a chance to purify itself. If you would like to do longer fasts, get the guidance of an expert in such matters.

4. Avoid animal protein and even avoid eating too many grains or nuts until you have brought the uric acid level down. Eat basically fresh vegetables and fruits.

5. Garlic and onions are especially beneficial in such cases.

6. According to Paavo Airola’s research the following vitamins are helpful: E, C, A, Zinc, and B complex.

7. If constipation is involved or you have sluggish bowel movements, then work on solving this problem with the advise for constipation found in this book. Until the problem is solved, and especially if you are in crisis, take an occasional enema or some herb for inner cleansing to help remove toxins from the intestines.

8. Salt baths in the sea or in your bath tub can help to remove toxins through the skin.

9. When the symptoms appear in the lungs in the form of gout or ulcers, then place your legs up frequently and make the lower part of your bed 7 cm higher than the upper, so as to ensure efficient return of used blood from the veins.

10. Reflexology is especially effective in tonifying and detoxifying the kidneys, bladder, intestines and other organs involved. You can learn how to massage your self after a few massages from a trained reflexologist. You can also use a foot roller or bottle for stimulating the kidney points.

11. Shiatsu massage and spiritual therapy can be useful if the problem originates from the emotions or bioenergy system.

12. Deep breathing with emphasis on complete exhalation is absolutely necessary for efficient removal of toxins through the lungs. Practice three times a day with complete breathing letting the exhalation be twice the length of the inhalation, emptying completely the lungs. Use the balloon exhalation (No.65) for a few months for even more complete detoxification.

13. Exercises are essential for breaking down salt deposits and stimulating circulation and tonifying the organs for more efficient removal of body wastes. Practice the following sequences daily.

14. If your problem appears in the kidneys, bladder or gall bladder or legs, then consult those sections in addition to this one.

15. If you have leg ulcers, you may want to apply the folk remedy of crushed onions externally placed on the ulcer.


The following exercises serve to: 1. Expedite the circulation to and from the affected areas. 2. Tonify the kidneys, bladder, lungs and skin for more efficient toxin removal. 3. Bring harmony to the nervous system and endocrine system.

Drink a glass of water before performing these exercises and empty your bladder after completing them. Warm water is best, never cold.



1. Back. & For. Str. (3T) No.20

2. Swing (20T) No.1

3. Sideward bend (3R,3L) No.19

4. Cat (7T) No.8

5. Balloon breathing (double exhalation) No.65

6. Deep relaxation


7. Wind Rel. Pos. (3R,3L,3B) No.4

8. Cat (7T) No.8

9. Cobr with turns (3R,3L) No.23

10. 1/2 Locust (3R,3L) No.10

11. 1/2 Shoulder stand (with series 1,3, & 4) (20M ) No.29

12. Deep relaxation



1. Upward Stretch (3T) No.39

2. Back. & For. Str. (3T) No.20

3. Swing (20 to 50 T) No.1

4. Head Rolls (5R,5L) No.31

5. Sideward bend (3R,3L) No.19

6. Cat (7T) No.8

7. Sal. to Earth (3T) No.43

8. Leg lifts (3R,3L,3B) No.6

9. Balloon breathing (1:2) No.65

10. Deep relaxation


11. Wind Rel. Pos. (3R,3L,3B) No.4

12. Abdominal contractions (3T) No.38

13. Torsion (3LR,3LL) No.41

14. 1/2 Bridge (3T) No.11

15. Cobra with turns (3R,3L) No.23

16. 1/2 Locust (3R,3L) No.10

17. 1/2 Shoulder stand (with series 1,3, & 4) (20M) No.29

18. Deep relaxation


1. The Cat, Upwards stretch, Wind relieving posture and Abdominal contractions, can be done with the exhalation from the mouth (balloon exhalation) for the first few months. Then you can continue with the exhalation from the nostrils.

2. Start out with the first series and gradually begin to do exercises from the suggested series as the weeks pass.

3. After a few weeks you can start doing the advanced version of the Cat in which you bring your leg back and forward and under as described in the exercises section.

4. Those who have problems with their legs can do the series in the 1/2 Shoulder stand both in the morning and the evening, so as to ensure good circulation in the legs.

5. After at least six months you can eventually go on to learn the Forward stretch, Camel, Bow, Salutation to the earth, Bridge and Nauli from a teacher.

6. The vibrations «AAA» «HAA» and «OOO» are useful.

7. Be disciplined in your diet. Tast is really a matter of education and habit. You can be very happy and satisfied with pure and healthy foods.

8. Deal with any emotional problems with the methods offered in this and other books.

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