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(From the forthcoming book SELF THERAPY by Robert Najemy)

A woman has more physical and emotional needs during pregnancy both for the maintenance of her own health but also for the healthy development of the embryo. For that reason it is especially important for a pregnant woman to live in harmony with the laws of nature and follow all the guidelines of natural and healthy living. The physical, emotional and mental development of her child is very much dependent on the state of the mother’s body and mind during those nine months which it is in her womb.

It would be much preferable of course for a woman to live a natural and healthy life on a permanent basis long before she becomes pregnant. Couples who are planning to have children should start to take better care of their bodies and minds so as to raise the quality of the child they are going to produce. If it is too late even for this, at least the mother, once realizing that she is pregnant can start to live in a more healthy and harmonious way. Late is better than never; there will definitely be benefit, although not as much as there would be if she had started years before.

The following guidelines are applicable in general to pregnant women. Each woman and each pregnancy are different and have different needs and perhaps different restrictions. All activities should be discussed with your doctor to see if there is any reason why in your case some exercise or technique is contraindicated in your particular case.


1. Avoid situations which cause you fear, worry or stress. If you have a job, try to get leave so as to be in a peaceful environment without responsibilities or sources of tension or stress. If certain people in your social group are negative and cause you anxiety, avoid them for that period of time.

2. Walk in nature, go swimming, engage in enjoyable creative activities such as light dancing, singing, listening to peaceful music, painting, arranging flowers, light garden work or any other activity which brings you a feeling of peace and joy.

3. Get enough sleep each night, and take a siesta in the afternoon. You need to let your energy go towards the development of the embryo.

4. Do deep relaxation at least twice a day. You can do it in the ordinary position or in the 1/2 shoulder stand (with your legs resting on the wall while lying on your back). Let your hands rest on your abdomen over your womb. Once you have entered into a state of deep relaxation and concentration, then begin to imagine and feel a warm healing energy and light flowing from your hands into your womb. Imagine it penetrating into the embryo filling it with light and love. Communicate love and kindness to this soul who is about to be born through you. This soul already exists and is near you waiting for its new body to come to completion in your womb. Communicate to it, express your feelings and love and your desire for its wellbeing. Ask it to communicate to you any special needs which it might have; to guide you in how you must eat and live in order for the optimum development of this embryo.

If any parts of your body are bothering you or are not functioning well, then send light and healing energy to those also. Imagine them well and functioning perfectly. If you have worries or fears or anxiety about anything, imagine all those situations positively, working out for the best for all. Program the future positively believing that you are capable of coping with absolutely any situation. Work on feeling self confidence and self love. While in the deep relaxation focus on God in the way that you relate to God most easily, and develop a feeling of contact and closeness with God.

5. Shiatsu massage and spiritual healing are excellent ways to bring about a state of peace and harmony in your body and mind. If you feel that you need some massage seek out a person experienced in these techniques.


1. You have one reservoir of bioenergy. This same energy is used for walking, thinking moving, heating your body, digesting food, feeling, worry, creating for sexual activity, for the creation of cells and for the creation of the embryo in your womb. Whatever energy is wasted on useless or nonproductive activities will be robbed from the embryo. Thus while activity, movement, exercise and creativity are absolutely necessary for your health, peace of mind and balanced development of the embryo, you must also be careful not to exhaust your energy supply with over activity.

2. Reduce or completely stop sexual activity until the pregnancy is over.

3. Avoid hard work in which you must strain, or work which creates a feeling of anxiety or stress.

4. Get plenty of gentle exercise, but avoid heavy or violent exercise.

5. If you smoke, stop immediately, you are polluting your child’s body.

6. Eat pure healthy food avoiding all toxic or nutrition-robbing foods such as white sugar, white flour, coffee, tea, salt, and other processed foods. If you feel that you must eat meat, do so, but try to find meat without hormones and toxic substances. Know also that millions of women give birth each year who have never eaten meat in their lives. Their babies are healthy and intelligent. Discuss this matter with your doctor or with a naturopath. We will discuss the subject of diet in more detail shortly.


1. Avoid all toxic substances such as white sugar, white flour, salt, spices, coffee, tea, processed foods, and foods fried in oil.

2. Avoid pollution and drink pure spring water if possible. If you must live in a polluted area fill your home with plants and if necessary buy an ioniser which produces negative ions (which create a positive effect on the nervous system).

3. Eat plenty of fresh whole foods such as whole grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits, yogurt and cheese, soybeans, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts (all seeds and nuts raw and unsalted). It is preferable to soak your seeds and nuts before eating. Their enzyme action is greatly increased.

4. The following vitamins are known to be helpful to the pregnant woman (but you should check with your doctor to see if there are indicated in your particular case): Vitamins E, B complex, C and Calcium (not too much after the fifth month).

5. The recommended daily allowances of food nutrients for pregnant women according to the National Research Council (U.S.A.) are:

Proteins: 7,6 mg, Calories: 2.500 kcal, Vit. A: 5000 iu.,Vit. D: 400 iu., Vit. E: 15 iu., Vit. C: 60mg, Folacid: 800 mcg., Niacin: 16mg, B2: 1,7 mg, B1: 1,4 mg, B6:2,5 mg, B12: 4 mcg, Calcium: 1200 mg, Phosphorous: 1200 mg, Iron: 20 mg, Iodine: 125 mcg, Magnesium: 450 mg, Zinc: 20 mg.

Check tables on diet sources to see which foods are plentiful in these nutrients and be sure that you get your daily allowances.

6. Do not believe that you must overeat. Eat about 3/4 of the volume of your stomach. Eat well, but do not overeat. Eat when you are hungry.

7. Avoid using too much salt. It adds unnecessary weight to your body.

8. Foods which are especially beneficial are: Tahini, almonds, brewers’ yeast, various types of beans and lentils, raisins, figs, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, kelp, milk, cheese and yogurt. You can get your proteins from soybeans, milk, whole grains, beans, nuts, cheese, yogurt and the seeds mentioned above.

9. Follow your intuition and your appetite concerning both quantity and type of food. Let your body guide you.

10. In case of vomiting make a puree out of your food and add a little lemon to it. Eat small amounts frequently. Drink lemon water between meals and get plenty of fresh air. (Exercises which help in the case of vomiting are the cat, swing, wind relieving posture – with leg pulled to side not onto the abdomen. These can all be done with balloon exhalation).

11. Be careful to eat plenty of fibrous foods and drink plenty of liquids so as to avoid constipation.

12. Eat slowly chewing your food completely.

13. Eat in a peaceful environment.

14. Prefer to eat several small meals rather than a few large ones.


The goal of the following exercises are: 1. To keep your body healthy throughout the pregnancy. 2. To reduce or eliminate the various unpleasant complications which can occur in pregnancy. 3. To ensure the harmonious development of the embryo. 4. To relax your nervous system and ensure the good supply of bioenergy.

Most women can do the following exercises without any problem whatsoever and will benefit greatly from them. But there is a small percentage of women who should not exercise, at least for the first months of the pregnancy. For this reason you should check with your doctor before starting out with the following exercises.

Be very careful not to force any exercise or over strain your self at any time. Do not lift heavy objects. Do not make any sudden movements. On the other hand, feel free to move gently, gracefully. Do not fear movement. Be natural, not stiff. Be relaxed and move freely and harmoniously.




1. Take it easy during the first three months. Do not exercise much. Do the 1/2 shoulder stand (No.29) twice or three times a day for 10 to 20 minutes. Do series number 4 and then rest in deep relaxation and send light, bioenergy and love to the developing embryo.

2. Do plenty of gentle breathing in the lying position or in the 1/2 shoulder stand. Breath with the ratio 2:1:2:1. Do about five minutes of breathing three or four times a day.

Editor’s note: These exercises are described in another section of the book SELF THERAPY. The code for understanding their repetitions are T= REPITITIONS OR TIMES, R= TO THE RIGHT, L= TO THE LEFT, M= MINUTES. The numbers after the exercises refer to the listing in chapter on the exercises in which they are described.



1. Walk with book on head

2. Gentle Swing (20 T) No.1

3. Cat (7T) No.8

4. Cow’s head posture NO.21

5. Leg lifts (3R,3L) No.6

6. Rotation of legs from him (below)

7. Prayer position with legs open (below)

8. Sit on knees with legs open (below)

9. Complete Breathing (2:1:2:1) No.67

10. Vibrations No.61

11. 1/2 Shoulder stand (series 4) No.29

12. Deep relaxation


13. Wind Rel. Pos. with leg to side (3R,3L) No.4

14. Leg lifts (3R,3L) No.6

15. Fish (1/2 to 2M) No.47

16. Sit between legs (below)

17. Vibrations No.61

18. Shoulder stand (series 4) (20M) No.29

19. Deep relaxation


Keep the body warm. Drink warm water. No sudden movements. Lie down sideways not on abdomen or back.


1. Upward Stretch (5T) No.39

2. Cat (7T) No.8

3. Wing Rel. Pos. with leg to side (not abdomen) (3R,3L) No.4

4. Butterfly (below)

5. Sit on knees with buttocks between

your legs (below)

6. Complete breathing 2:1:2:1 No.67

7. Leg lifts to the side (below)

8. Vibrations No.61

9. 1/2 Shoulder stand (series 4) No.29

10. Deep relaxation


Do the same exercises as in the morning choosing those exercises and breathing techniques and relaxation which help you the most.


1. Walking with a book on your head about 3 to 5 minutes a day helps you to keep your spine straight and strong.

2. The swing should be done very gently.

3. The leg lifts are done with one leg and the other and not with both together. The rotations of the legs are done from the hip making circular movements with each leg separately both in a clockwise and then counterclockwise direction. After the seventh month you may find it easier to do these leg exercises lying on your side. The leg lifts can be done then with the knees bent.

4. Sitting between your knees with your buttocks on the mat and using the prayer position in this way allows the pelvis to open and relax making it easier during the moment of giving birth. Sit for as long as you comfortably can with your knees open, your feet behind you and your buttocks on the ground. If you can do the prayer position in this way then do so. Do not do the prayer position with the legs together so that it presses on the abdomen.

5. The butterfly is done by sitting in the crossed-legged position and then uniting the soles of your feet in front of you and then moving your thighs and knees up and down.

6. Deep rhythmic breathing can be done throughout the pregnancy many times a day but not for a long period at each sitting. Let five minutes be the maximum, unless you are experienced already in breathing techniques and have accustomed your body. Otherwise you can do three to five times a day for five minutes. Start with simple ratios and develop eventually the ratio 2:1:2:1 doing it for a count of 6:3:6:3, or 8:4:8:4. You can do the breathing lying down or sitting straight; whichever you prefer. Eventually you can do the same breathing, alternating nostrils (No.63).

7. Vibrations are very beneficial, soothing and tonifying for you and the embryo. Use the vibrations «AAA», OU,OU,OU», «OOO» and «MMM». Making them peacefully and gently, letting them create a feeling of inner peace and concentration. Start with 3 repetitions of each and then build up gradually to 5 or 7 of each.

8. Sing, chant and pray frequently.

9. You can do the 1/2 shoulder stand a number of times a day letting the area of your womb fill with blood and important nutrients, while you simultaneously relax your body and mind and send messages of light and love to that area. You can also do your breathing exercises in this position.

10. Be sure when doing the wind relieving posture to bring your leg to the side so that it does not press directly on your abdomen. This is a very beneficial exercise for avoiding constipation and varicose veins but it should be done with the leg being pulled towards you and to the side.

11. Be regular in your program of exercise, breathing and relaxation. It is essential for the physical, emotional and mental development of your child.

12. If you live in a noisy area, play some peaceful music while doing your exercises and throughout the day.

13. If you have emotional problems, find a kind and loving person to give you emotional support and help you to see things more positively. After the pregnancy get involved in some groups of self-development, this will benefit both you and your child. You will be a much better mother.

14. Read spiritual books during the pregnancy and attend church if you are so inclined. Develop your spiritual life.

15. After the pregnancy employ the following program in order to bring your body and vitality back into harmony.


These exercises are designed to help your abdomen and womb return to its original condition and aid in the over all proper functioning of all systems. (In the case that surgery was necessary during the birth process, ask your doctor which movements you should temporarily avoid).


1. Upward Stretch Κ5T) No.39

2. Swing (20T) No.1

3. Back. & For. Str. (3T) No.20

4. Cat (7T) No.8

5. Leg lifts (3R, 3L, 3B) No.6

6. Leg rotations (above)

7. Prayer position No.37

8. Complete Breathing

9. Deep relaxation


10. Wind Rel. Pos. (3R,3L,3B) No.4

11. 1/2 Bridge (3T) No.11

12. Torsion (3LR, 3LL) No.41

13. Forward Stretch (2 to 5M) No.42

14. 1/2 Shoulder stand (with series 3 & 4) (20M) No.29

15. Deep relaxation



1. Upward Stretch (5T) No.39

2. Sideward Bend (3R,3L) No.19

3. Swing (20 to 50T) No.1

4. Back. & For. Str. (3T) No.20

5. Head Rolls (5R,5L) No.31

6. Leg lifts and rotations No.6

7. The boat (below)

8. Wind Rel. Pos. (3R,3L,3B) No.4

9. Abdominal contractions (3T) No.38

10. Prayer position (5M) No.37

11. Alternate breathing (2:1:2:1) No.63

12. Deep relaxation


13. Cat (7T) No.8

14. Sal. to Earth (3T) No.43

15. Cobra with turns (3R,3L) No.23

16. 1/2 Locust (3R,3L) No.10

17. 1/2 Bridge (3T) No.11

18. Torsion (3LR, 3LL) No.41

19. Forward stretch (2 to 5M) No.42

20. 1/2 Shoulder stand (with series 1,2,3,& 4) (20M) No.29

21. Deep relaxation


1. If you cannot do all these exercises, try to do at least some of them. They will maintain your body and mind in a higher level of relaxation, vitality and harmony so that you can be more effective in carrying out your responsibilities. They will also keep the natural shape of your body.

2. The boat is done in the following way. Lie on your back. Now with an inhalation lift both your upper and lower parts of the body into the air balancing on your buttocks only. You lift your upper part of your body (from the lower back to your head) keeping it straight. Then lift your legs keeping them straight. You now look like the letter «V» or a small boat. Hold this as long as you feel comfortable and then return to the resting position. Do this three to five times.

It strengthens and tones the muscles of the abdomen and lower back.

3. Practice deep relaxation daily, visualizing your self and your child with health, peace and happiness.

4.Allocate time for your spiritual development.

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