HS31 Colitis


Although many causes can contribute to the creation of colitis, psychological factors are almost always a major factor. Anyone who wants to heal himself will in addition to other techniques mentioned below, have to learn to develop inner peace.

The following guidelines are for people who have already developed colitis as well as for those who are beginning to have disturbances of various types in their intestines.


1. A poor diet (toxic or lacking in nutrition). 2. Poor combinations of foods. 3. Hereditary weaknesses. 4. Negative emotions; especially worry. 5. Malfunctioning in other organs. 6. Allergic sensitivity to certain foods. 7. Overuse of antibiotics. 8. Blockages in the spine. 9. Bacteria.

Because there are a wide variety of possible causes, you will have to try, with the help of your doctor, to establish the actual causes in your specific case, so that you can employ the appropriate solutions.


1. You will have to see for yourself what you can eat. I have seen a wide variety of reactions to foods among people with colitis. Do not accept the general restrictions given for most people. Try out foods for yourself. If you see that they bother you, leave them alone and limit yourself to those foods which your particular body accepts well. Be aware, however, that some foods may give you problems because they are combined with other foods. If you really want to see if a food is suitable, you will have to eat it alone; completely alone. If you see that your body accepts this food alone, then try it in combination with one other food (observing the food combining guidelines). Then see if you can combine that food with another food. Gradually learn for yourself which foods and combinations you can handle. Start out eating only one food at each meal for a number of weeks so as to determine the basic foods which you can or cannot digest comfortably. Then after you have established this information about each food individually, then start out experimenting with combinations. Do not leave out those ordinarily forbidden foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, try them by themselves and find out for yourself.

Also as you employ the exercises, breathing techniques and deep relaxation your system will become stronger and more relaxed and more able to digest a wider variety of foods. For this reason you should try out old «forbidden» foods every three months or so to see if maybe you can eat them now without problems. When I refer to «forbidden» foods I mean those that are healthy but are difficult for you to digest. I say this because many people who have colitis end up eating a very unhealthy diet because they believe it is the only thing they can digest. This unhealthy diet, however, begins to destroy the health of the rest of their body.

2. If some otherwise healthy foods are difficult for you to digest, such as whole grains, or green leafy vegetables, try making them into a purée with a mixer and eating them in that way.

3. Stop smoking immediately. The lungs are directly related to the intestines through the flow of bioenergy (the system of acupuncture).

4. Avoid coffee, tea, alcohol, spices and any other irritating substances.

5. In times of crisis you may have to take supplementary digestive enzymes in tablet form with your meal. Try not to make this a long time habit.

6. Chew your food completely making it a liquid in your mouth before swallowing. This will make a big difference in the digestibility of the food.

7. Watch your combinations carefully and eat as few different types of food at one meal as possible.

8. Deep rhythmic breathing (2:1:2:1) is absolutely essential for relaxing the abdominal area and the nervous system as a whole. Practice three times a day for five minutes emphasizing the abdominal movement of the breath.

9. Shiatsu massage and spiritual healing can be very effective with this type of problem because of its lose link to the emotional and energy state of the individual.

10. Reflexology can be used to relax and tonify the intestines.

11. Vitamin B complex is indicated for this problem.

12. The overall vitality and relaxation of the system is of utmost importance in this case. Perform with regularity the following techniques.


The following exercises are designed to: 1. Relax and bring healing energy to the intestines. 2. Release blockages in the lower spine. 3. Free the lungs from built up tension. 4. Bring harmony to the nervous and endocrine systems.



1. Swing (20T)No. 1

2. Cat (7T) No. 8

3. Wind relieving posture (3R,3L,3B) No. 4

Abdominal Contractions (3T) No. 38

5. Prayer Position (5L) No. 37

6. Alternate breathing (2:1:2:1) No. 63

7. Deep relaxation


8. Leg lifts (3R, 3L, 3B) No. 6

9. Torsion (3LR, 3LL) No. 41

10. 1/2 Shoulder Stand (with series 3 & 4) (20L) No. 29

11. Deep relaxation


Back & Forth Str. (3T) No. 20

2. Swing (20 to 50T) No.1

3. Cat (7T) No.8

4.1/2 Locust (3R,3L) No.10

5. Wind relieving post. (3R,3L,3B) No.4

6. Abdominal Contractions (3T) No.37

7. Prayer position (5L) No.37 (20L) No.29

8. Alternate breathing (2:1:2:1) No.63

9. Deep relaxation


10. Wind relieving post. (3R,3L,3B) No.4

11. Leg lifts (3R,3L,3B) No.6

12. Torsion (3LR, 3LL) No.41

13. Forward Stretch (2 to 5L) No. 42

14. Cobra with turns (3R,3L) No.23

15. 1/2 Shoulder Stand (with series 1,3, &4)

16. Deep relaxation


1. Start out with the first series for a few weeks. When you feel comfortable with that, then begin to add slowly some of the exercises from the suggested series.

2. The cat, wind relieving posture, backward and forward stretch and abdominal contractions can be done for the first two months with the balloon exhalation. Then you can continue exhaling with the nostrils.

3. After a few weeks you can add the various movements of the legs to the cat exercise.

4. Work gradually up to doing the alternate breathing. It may take you a few months. Follow the guidelines in the section on breathing exercises for developing your muscles of breathing and the ratio of breathing before you start to do the alternate breathing with the ratio (2:1:2:1).

5. You can do the deep relaxation in the ordinary position or in the 1/2 shoulder stand. Let your hands rest on your lower abdomen and once you are relaxed, visualize light and healing energy passing into your intestines relaxing them, and healing them. Imagine them pure, vibrant and functioning perfectly. Imagine that they are comfortable with all types of healthy foods.

If you have emotional tensions or worries, imagine your self free from them. Imagine your self with self confidence, self acceptance, self love and peace of mind in all situations. Bring to mind the various situations which may create tension for you and see yourself facing them with self-confidence and inner peace.

6. Work on your emotional attitudes with the help of the section on emotions and health and get involved in growth groups and seminars on the subjects. Learn to express your thoughts and emotions clearly and effectively.

7. You can eventually add the salutation to the earth, salutation to the sun, camel, bridge and bow (best with the guidance of a teacher).

8. Walk in nature as much as possible.

9. Engage in creative, fun experiences which make you feel joyful and satisfied. Try singing, dancing and other forms of group recreation.

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