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Some people are more susceptible to colds and various viruses which circulate at different times of the year. While this may not be a serious problem, it is an indication of a disharmony in the psychosomatic system which is making the body more vulnerable. If harmony and vitality are not restored to the body and mind, various other more serious problems will gradually manifest. The following guidelines will be very useful to those who have this problem. Remember that bacteria are always in the air. Whether they affect us or not depends on the degree of harmony and vitality, and on the defense system.


1. Poor dietary habits which create a toxic build-up in the body.

2. A lack of proper nutrients.

3. Weakness in the immune system.

4. Emotional problems which suppress the body’s defense.

5. Over use of antibiotics.

6. Bacteria.


We will consider what to do when the symptoms of a cold first appear, what to do if they continue, and how to build up the overall vitality and harmony of the body so that one is no longer vulnerable to the bacteria.

When First Symptoms Appear

1. Immediately start to take plenty of vitamin C. You can take 500 to 1000 mg three times a day. You can also take Zinc tablets twice a day. It is better to take both of these in tablet form so that you can suck on them and dissolve them in the mouth. In this way the active power of these two substances can be absorbed by the cells of the mouth and throat area and thus strengthening the power of the cells to protect the body. Due to findings concerning the effectiveness of this approach, Vitamin C, Zinc and a combination of the two are produced in lozenges which can be sucked until they dissolve. Not all C tablets are appropriate for this as some are very acidic and sour.

2. Immediately do a washing of the nostrils and gargle with salt. If the cold continues after the first day, then discontinue the washing of the nostrils but continue 3 or more times a day gargling with salt or lemon water.

3. Avoid eating solid food. Especially cheese, milk, and any milk products, as well as white flour, white sugar and any products made from them. They all excess mucus which increase the symptoms of the cold.

4. Drink plenty of liquids especially fresh citric fruits juices: oranges, lemons, grapefruits, as well as herb teas, and vegetable broth.

5. If you feel very hungry and must eat, then the best food would be a raw salad or a hot spice soup. A very effective soup is onion soup made from onions, garlic, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and other spices. While spices are not healthy when used on a regular basis, they are excellent for occasional use in routing a cold.

6. For those who are able to do it, a stomach wash is very effective in removing accumulated mucus from the body. The stomach is the storage place for excess mucus. Also the sinuses as well as the eyes are stimulated into releasing mucus by the process of vomiting. (Not if you have an active ulcer).

7. An enema is also effective in helping the body purify itself of accumulated toxins, and thus has greater vitality to fight the virus.

8. Get plenty of rest and do plenty of deep relaxation. Do whatever exercises you feel up to doing. They will facilitate the renewal of the body’s vital energies and thus its ability to heal itself.

9. Keep your body warm and protected from drafts.

10. Shiatsu massage of the neck and head can be miraculously relieving and beneficial. (Reflexology can be used to free up the sinuses).


11. Continue with the vitamins taking up to 3000 mg of C. and up to 30 mg of Zinc per day until the symptoms disappear. If the cold lasts more than a week, then you might want to check with a doctor as to why your body is not healing itself.

12. Continue to avoid solid food as much as possible. Drink plenty of juices and broth all day long. If you feel very hungry, eat raw salad or hot spicy soup.

13. Take occasional hot baths (covering yourself well afterwards).

14. Get plenty of rest and do deep relaxation and slow breathing so as to re-energize your body.

15. Do not continue with the cleaning of the nostrils, but do continue with frequent gargling, and if you can, the stomach wash each morning until the symptoms disappear.


16. Eat a mostly raw diet of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits, with some whole wheat grains and nuts. Avoid dairy products for a while.

17. Drink plenty of freshly made vegetable or fruit juices.

18. Vitamins C, B complex (especially B6), Zinc, Garlic and Rutin and other bioflavonoids are especially helpful.

19. Strengthen the immune system with daily breathing exercises and physical exercises.

20. Use deep relaxation to imagine the body’s defense system healthy and powerful and invincible.

21. Get help in dealing with emotional problems which may be suppressing the defense system. Emotions such as a feeling of loss, helplessness or hopelessness and anxiety and stress in general tend to disturb and weaken the endocrine and immune system.

These emotions may be conscious or hidden in the subconscious and unknown to you. Get help in discovering and expressing these emotions in an effective and positive way.

22. Get plenty of fresh air and exercise in nature. Swimming all year round is known to build up a very high defense to bacteria. Taking cold showers regularly is known to do the same.

23. Be happy and relaxed.

24. The following exercises can be done when one has a cold to help keep the energy flowing and the nerves and muscles more relaxed. They make the cold less unpleasant and allow it to pass much more quickly.

The purposes of these exercises are to help free up the follow of bioenergy to the head, neck and chest area; to build up the immune system, to aid in the excretion of toxins and to establish overall vitality.


(If you have the energy)


– Head Rolls (Jan. 86, p.11)

– Back and forward stretch (May 86, p.8)

-Swing (November 87, p.6)

-Cat (Oct. 86, p.9)

-Salutation to the Earth (Nov. 87, p.8)

– Prayer position (Nov. 87, p.8)

– Complete breathing (Nov. 87, p.8)

– Deep relaxation (Nov. 87, p.9)


– Wind relieving posture (Jan. 87, p.14)

– Abdominal contractions (see below)

– Torsion (see below)

– Half shoulder stand (Nov. 87, p.7)

– Deep relaxation (Nov. 87, p.9)

Note: The explanations of the above mentioned exercises are to be found in our previous issues. Please refer to the dates into brackets. Here below the explanations of the abdominal contractions and torsion which have not yet appeared in this Newsletter..

Abdominal lift and abdominal contractions

Take a lying position with the knees raised with the fee resting near the buttocks. Take a deep breath and then exhale ALL of the air from your lungs by contracting the abdomen, ribs and chest. Then, while keeping the lungs empty, expand the ribs to the side and thus causing a vacuum which sucks the organs upward. When you feel the need to breathe, relax the abdominal muscles and then slowly inhale with control (do not gasp for air). Relax, take a natural breath, and then make the posture again. Do this three times in the beginning. Gradually increase up to about 10. Then close the eyes and place all of your inner awareness on the abdominal region and relax this area as much as possible. Be aware of the sense of heat and energy which is released from your «Solar Center» through this exercise.

Once you have mastered the abdominal lift, you may practice the abdominal contractions.

Abdominal contractions

From the position of the abdominal lift in which all of the abdominal muscles are relaxed, contact the two central vertical muscles, thus pushing them forward. Once this is done the movement in and out can be made with these muscles.


Lie down on the floor. Bend your knees, bringing them up into the air. Let your arms be straight out to your sides with the palms facing downward (like a cross). As you exhale, slowly lower your knees together to the right side and turn your head to the left. Stop. Then slowly inhale bringing the legs bent and head back to the center. Then exhale, lower the legs to the left side and your head to the right. This can be done continually for three to ten times to each side. After a few repetitions you can turn this into a static position if you like by remaining with the legs to one side and head to the other while you relax and breathe normally. Then be sure to do the same to the other side.


1. Do whichever exercises seem to help you to feel less tense with greater flow of bioenergy. While some exercises will temporarily make it seem that your nostrils are becoming more blocked. They will shortly become more free and breathing will be much easier.

2. Deep breathing is important for getting more energy and vitality for self healing but also as a way up the nostrils for more comfortable breathing. The key is to be patient and breathe very slowly persisting in taking in complete inhalations and exhalations. Breathe as slowly as you can letting as little air as possible pass through the nostrils. Gradually they will open up in this way and breathing will be more comfortable. If you can eventually manage, do the alternate breathing (see our April 87 issue, page 13). You may find it difficult at first but eventually the nostrils will open and you will feel much better.

3. The salutation to the earth can be done as a static position after doing it dynamically a few times. This helps to free both the chest area and the nostrils.

4. Do plenty of deep relaxation and let healing light and energy pass through your body.


From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men –

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Many religions believe in a World Teacher, knowing him under such names as The Lord Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi and the Messiah, and these terms are used in some of the Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish versions of the Great Invocation.

Men and Women of Goodwill throughout the world are using this invocation in many languages. Will you join them in using the Invocation every day – with thought and dedication?

By using the Invocation and encouraging others to use it, no particular group or organization is being sponsored. It belongs to all men everywhere.

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