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There is a great fear generated when one hears the word «cancer». Many consider it to mean death. Most are afraid of death. This is another question which needs to be taken up elsewhere; why we fear death and if we really need to fear death. That subject is discussed in detail in my book «THE MYSTICLA CIRCLE OF LIFE».

Now, concerning cancer, many people have healed themselves and /or have been healed through the help of others. Many people who have had cancer, do not now have cancer. There are many avenues available to a person with this problem. Besides surgery and the standard radiation therapy and chemotherapy, there are a wide variety of more natural and less violent and less destructive alternatives. These alternatives would require a whole series of books to contain them. I will present here just three basic approaches.

These three approaches address themselves to the three main causes of cancer: 1. The accumulation of toxic substances in the body. 2. The build up of negative emotions. 3 The weakening of the overall vitality and especially the immune system.

For the first cause we present you with Paavo Airola’s extensive studies on dietary aspects of cancer. For the second cause we present you with the results of the research of Drs. Carl and Stephanie Simonton concerning the psychological aspects of the cause and cure of cancer. The Simonton material is presented in the section on emotions and health.

For the third cause we offer you the following techniques of exercise, breathing, relaxation and positive visualization. Because of the serious nature of this disease, we suggest that you get your doctor’s advice on how you might best proceed. Remember, however, that your life belongs to you, and you ultimately must make the final choices. Be sure to take into consideration not only the quantity of life but also the quality of your life, in making decision as to how you want to heal yourself.


1. Follow the pure diet suggested by Paavo Airola or some other natural health practitioner (YGEINISTHS ORTHOBIONOMOS). Be disciplined. Let of go habits and desires, and help your body heal itself with an absolutely pure diet.

2. DEEP RELAXATION WITH POSITIVE VISUALISATION is your main weapon. Just as your body has created this cancer, it can destroy it. It is a part of your body which can come under the control of your body. Do deep relaxation at least three times a day (see the section on Dr. Simonton’s Studies). While in the state of deep concentration visualize your body’s defenses destroying the cancerous cells. Imagine this in any creative way which is suitable to you. See the cancerous cells diminishing and disappearing. Imagine the healing white light and love of your body dissolving them and purifying your body. After a few weeks to a month do not visualize the cancerous cells or growth at all. Imagine that they do not exist. Let this pure light through your body. Imagine that your body is absolutely clean, absolutely healthy.

If you are religiously oriented, imagine the love and healing energy of God into you through the form through which you most easily relate to God, i.e. Christ, Mary of some saint.

If you are scientifically oriented, imagine you white blood cells eating up and digesting the cancerous cells. Imagine your body creating more and more immune defense cells which destroy the unwanted cells.

3. Recent studies throughout the world have found the following vitamins especially useful in both prevention and curing cancer. C in large doses. Beta Carotene in large doses or through plenty of carrots, squash, broccoli, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beets, brussel sprouts and other fresh vegetables. B complex and Zinc. These all protect the body from the effect of toxic substances and negative emotions. They are usually taken in large doses. Some doctors combine these with very small doses of chemical therapy. The vitamins reduce considerably the damage done to the healthy cells by the chemotherapy. Selenium and Vitamin E are also known to protect the cells from negative influences.

4. The following relaxation is used by a Yoga therapist in India for his patients with cancer. Lie down on your back and enter into the state of deep relaxation breathing slowly and deeply. As you inhale imagine a golden yellow light passing into your right foot and up the right side of your body to the right side of the head and becomes silver in color until it reaches the left foot. It then passes over to the right foot on the next inhalation to become golden light. You do this continually for about 10 to 20 minutes. Golden light up the right side of the body and silver light down the left side.

5. In most cases Shiatsu massage and spiritual healing are extremely helpful both for relaxing the body and mind and for freeing up the flow of bioenergy throughout the body so as to facilitate the healing process. These should be done by experienced individuals.

6. Prayer. Speaking of spiritual healing, a number of people have been cured of various types of cancer miraculously through prayer or contact with special holy places or holy beings. There are many known cases throughout the world in all countries from the U.S.A. to France and Italy to India and the Philippines. Such cases of miraculous cures occurring through divine intervention are an undeniable part of the history of man which exists in all religious traditions. Even today miracles continue to occur despite our inability to explain them at the Lourdes of France and at the Panagia tis Tinou as well as many other places. Today in India a holy man, Satya Sai Baba, has cured hundreds of people of cancer and thousands of people from various other diseases. He does not cure everyone who asks for help. It is difficult for us to understand how the divine works in choosing who shall be cured and who should not. There are laws functioning here which are beyond our present comprehension.

According to Sai Baba, there is no need for anyone to pray to God in his name, but that each should pray to God for help in the name through which God is related to in the culture in which he was born. He says that God called by any name responds. The response may not always be the one we desire or believe would be the best. The Divine knows much better than we what is best for our evolution. Thus anyone with any serious illness would do well to pray for help in overcoming his illness. On the other hand he must let go of attachment or fear concerning what will happen. Having a serious illness is an excellent opportunity to look more deeply into the meaning of life and at what has real value and what is superficial. It is an opportunity to become aware of what we have managed to ignore so cleverly for so many years, that we are only temporarily here on this earth. That there is nothing here which can give us lasting happiness, because either that will disappear or we will leave. If we do not leave in ten years, we will leave in 60 years, but our time here is limited; and we must at some point realize that and live our lives with deeper values. Often persons are inflicted with a serious illness only to force them to look at life more deeply, then once this transformation has taken place, they live many more years, now with more meaning and dignity in their lives.

Thus I would suggest that independent of whether you are seriously ill or not, you develop your spiritual life and your relationship with your higher self, with nature, with the universe and with God. Developing a spiritual life is the only real healing process, because it establishes a harmony between the soul, mind and body.

7. If you have pain, learn to do deep relaxation and bring all your concentration to the center of your forehead. When you are totally concentrated there, you will be able to disidentify with the pain. You will relax and be disconnected from the pain messages.

8. Learn to face your emotional problems and to express your feelings openly and effectively. Learn to analyze your beliefs and programmings which are creating your emotions, and to work with them in a positive way. Get involved in a seminar or psychology group doing such work.

9. Love your self. Offer to your self the situations and activities which make you feel happy and satisfied.

10. Various exercises and breathing techniques will be useful in ensuring a free flow of bioenergy throughout your body and mind, thus facilitating the healing process. But since each person has a different problem and has different needs in this situation, we suggest that you visit an experienced yoga instructor for guidance as to the most appropriate techniques to apply in your situation. If you are under the guidance of a doctor, then get his approval before doing them.

Exercises which are simple but very effective and can be done by most are the 1/2 Shoulder Stand, cat, prayer position and torsion.

Deep breathing can be done by everyone, whether they are bed ridden or not. Taking in more oxygen and vitality through the breath can only aid the healing process. You can do the complete breath for as long as you comfortably can without straining about five or six times throughout the day. The best ratio would be 2:1:2:1.

11. The vibrations «AAA», «OOO» and «MMM» are very useful in harmonizing the vibrations of the cells and organs. Do 3 repetitions at first and build up to 7 of each. Singing too is excellent.

12. Cultivate a positive, happy attitude towards life. Develop a philosophical and spiritual outlook on life which will help you to experience greater inner strength and inner peace and be less dependent on the situations and events around you for your peace of mind. Various books and seminars are available for this purpose.

13. Now read on detail the advice given by Paavo Airola concerning diet and Dr. Simonton on emotions and deep relaxation with positive visualization.

14. Do your positive visualizations at least three times a day.

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