HS21 Alcoholism


This is a huge subject in which hundreds of books have been written. There are so many possible causes, many of which do not appear in the external life of a person and many of which are illogical. Why would a person want to destroy himself? There is no space here for such a discussion. We will simply mention some possible natural aids which a person who wants to get free can use to rebuild his life.


1. Nutritional deficiencies can create a state of chronic fatigue through hypoglycemia or adrenal disorders, which can cause a person to seek an easy lift through alcohol, sweets or drugs. 2 Desire to escape from problems or responsibilities. 3. Lack of self-confidence. 4. Lack of self-acceptance and self love.


1. Eat plenty of whole natural grains (wheat, rice, lentils, millet, beans) and fresh vegetables and fruits. Fresh raw and unsalted nuts (if the liver is not damaged). And plenty of sprouts from alfalfa, mung and wheat.

2. A fast of Brown rice for ten days will help to detoxify and stabilize the nerves. It will supply a steady flow of natural sugar and energy.

3. Juice fasts under a doctor’s guidance.

4. When feeling the need for a lift, for energy, drink freshly made sweet fruit or sweet vegetable juices. If you want them even more sweet, and pure honey. Or eat pure Halva made from honey. Or drink honey and water. The desire for alcohol will pass.

5. Vitamin and Mineral supplements will rebuild the body’s health and vitality. Especially useful are vitamins B complex (with emphasis on B3 and B6), Brewer’s Yeast, C, E, A (preferably naturally through plenty of carrots or carrot juice) and Zinc. Because your liver may be weak and toxic, check with your doctor about taking these.

6. All forms of massage, Shiatsu, Spiritual healing and reflexology, will bring relaxation and restoration of the body’s strength and vitality, especially during the time of detoxification.

7. Keep active, productive and creative. Find some activities which make your life meaningful and help you to love your self and want your self to be happy and well. Get involved in self improvement groups, especially the Alcoholics Anonymous, but also in various spiritual growth groups. You may also enjoy getting involved with groups which are doing selfless service to society. Helping others gives meaning and joy to our lives.

8. Do deep relaxation at least twice a day and visualize yourself free from this attachment. Imagine your self strong and capable of handling any situation. Imagine your self accepting and loving your self exactly as you are. Forgive others and your self for anything which may be burdening your mind. Read through all the relaxation techniques and choose those which suit you most. Seek guidance from someone who can guide you.

9. Develop and sustain a close relationship with God. Use the prayer, «Lord give me the power to change whatever I can, the ability to accept what I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference».


The following techniques are designed to revitalize the liver, pancreas, brain, adrenals and the nerves and endocrine systems. The movements and postures help one to develop a sense of self-mastery and self-confidence as well as balance and peace.

Drink a glass of warm water with a little lemon juice in it before performing your exercises.



Backward and Forward St. (3T) No. 20

2. Sideward Bend (3R, 3L) No. 19 (Not if Liver is seriously damaged)

3. Swing (20T) No. 1

4. Cat (5T) No. 8

5. Prayer position (3 to 5 T) No. 37

6. Breathing – Peaceful Breath (5M) No. 51

7. Deep relaxation


8. Wind relieving posture (3R, 3L, 3B) No. 4

9. Torsion (3R, 3LM)j No. 41

10. Cobra (1M) No. 22

11. 1/2 Shoulder Stand, No. 29

12. Breathing (2:1:2:1) No. 55

13. Relaxation



1. Upward stretch (3T) No. 39 x

Back and Forward. St. (3T) No. 20

3. Side-way Bend (3R,3L) No. 19

4. Swing (30T) No.1

5. Balance on one leg (1LR, 1LB) No.16

6. (5T) No. 8

Salutation. to Earth (3T) No. 43

8. Abdominal Contractions (3T) No. 38

Square breathing (3 to 5L) No. 55

10. Deep relaxation


11. Upward Stretch

12. Wind relieving posture (3R,3L,3B) No. 4

13. Torsion (3LR, 3LB) No. 41

14. Forward Stretch (1 to 4L) No. 42

15. Cobra (1/2 to 1L) No. 22

16. Fish (1/2 to 1L) No. 47

17. 1/2 Shoulder Stand No. 29

18. Breathing (2:1:2:1) (5L) No. 55

19. Deep relaxation


1. The breathing techniques can be done while in the 1/2 shoulder stand. You can gradually develop your breathing ability. Do not force it. Eventually learn to alternate breath from a teacher.

2. Eventually you can add the salutation to the sun, jogging, and my other exercises which suit you.

3. Get involved in a group through which you can share yourself and grow with others.

4. Communicate with and develop a close relationship with God. Develop your spiritual life.

5. If you have a serious problem, you would do well to join Alcoholics Anonymous.

6. Love and care for your self; you deserve it. You are a part of God. You are a unique and important part of this universe.

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