Breathe Freely by Removing Excess Mucus from the Body

The quantity and quality of the air we take into our lungs is affected to some degree by the amount of mucus, which obstructs the passages of the respiratory system. Also, when there is excess mucus congesting these passageways, there is also a greater possibility for the growth of microbes.

A certain amount of mucus lining is necessary for the protection of the membranes of the respiratory and digestive systems. It serves as a fluid transportation system, which also carries microbes and foreign particles out of the body.

It also protects the walls of the digestive system from acidic digestive juices which would erode them. The movement of a thin layer of mucus acts like a continuously moving conveyer belt, which carries microbes, viruses and other undesirable particles out of the body. If there is a deficiency, then we have the danger of ulcers.

Many, however, people suffer from excessive build-up in their system. This leads to frequent colds, sinusitis and, in general, a «phlegmatic» condition with less energy and vitality.

What can we do when we have excess?

1. Dietary considerations:

In such a case one would do well to avoid the following foods, which increase the amount of mucus in the system: a. All dairy products. b. All white flour products c. White sugar and its products.

2. Cleansing the nostrils with warm salt water or chamomile tea.

a. Wash your hands well and make sure that the glass you use is equally clean.

b. Fill the glass with water as warm as your body temperature and add one level teaspoon of salt or less, according to your taste. The correct proportion of salt is important. If there is too little or too much salt, the solution will sting the inner membranes of the nose. If, however, the solution is right, it will make this an extremely pleasant experience to look forward to practicing every day until the problem is overcome. Some use saline solution used for infusions.

c. Make a cup out of your right palm. Pour the water into your palm, put the glass down and close your left nostril with your left hand.

d. Immediately bring your cupped right palm up to your right nostril and slowly inhale the water into the nostril and take it down into the mouth.

e. Spit the solution out of the mouth and blow each nostril one by one removing any remaining solution of mucus.

f. Do this three times alternately through each nostril. Reverse the hands when doing it through the left nostril.

g. Now bend forward and exhale about twenty times through the nostrils, blowing out any residue water or mucus that has accumulated in the sinuses.

h. Now you may like to gargle with a solution of warm water and salt clearing out the throat passage.

This technique may be done every day for a month or so until the excess mucus is removed. It should not be done when one has a cold but may be done when one is just getting the hint of a cold so as to possibly avoid it. If one comes down with a cold, he should avoid this practice as it might spread the microbes to other parts of the body.

If you have sinusitis, check with your doctor.

3. The stomach wash

This is an extremely effective method of removing extra mucus from the body. It is not nearly as unpleasant as most people imagine it to be before trying it. The fact is that the stomach is the storehouse of mucus for all the body and occasionally needs to be cleaned out. One way to do this is to drink one liter of warm salt water (with one level soupspoon of salt) as quickly as possible.

Then, making sure that the fingers of the right hand are very clean, you stick the index and middle fingers down into the back of the throat and tickle it until you provoke vomiting (make sure that you do not irritate your throat with your fingernails). Continue to provoke vomiting until you feel that most of or all of the water has been thrown out. At the same time mucus will flow forth from the sinuses and tears from the eyes. All of these organs will be simultaneously cleaned.

This technique should be performed on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning upon waking. It may, however, occasionally be used to liberate the stomach of disagreeable or toxic foods that are disturbing the system. It can be used in order to combat a cold or occasionally to remove excess mucus from the body.

This should not be done if have an ulcer.
A half an hour after cleansing, an herb tea, such as chamomile, should be taken with pure honey, so as to soothe the lining of the esophagus.

If you have any serious health problems or doubts concerning whether the above two techniques are safe or suitable for you, you may check with your doctor.

4. Deep, slow breathing also helps clean the nasal passages and enhances the joy breathing. This can be done about 5 to 10 minutes a day. If you desire to do more than that, then check with an experienced breath coach.

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