A26 Harmonizing Bioenergy: techniques for creating a vital and harmonious energy flow in our body and mind

Until recently scientists believed that atoms were the building blocks of the material world. Recently they realized that these “building blocks” are simply dense manifestations of energy. This energy is the basic creative “essence” behind this material universe. In the future they will realize that the creative source of this energy is consciousness and that consciousness is the causal factor of all that exists in all planes. Energy, however, plays an extremely important role as the connecting link between consciousness, thought and action in our material reality. Energy is the connecting link between the spirit, the mind and the body. When there is insufficient energy in the soul-mind-body system, then there will not be health, peace, clarity, happiness, love or effective functioning on any level.


Let us examine the hierarchy of bodies as it is explained by the great minds, who have penetrated deeply into man’s inner being. The following diagram will help us to understand this relationship between the various levels of man’s existence.


1. The spirit is eternal consciousness without beginning or end. Without birth or death. It undergoes no changes. It is Divine Consciousness – Existence – Bliss.
2. The causal body is the “subconscious of the soul” in which are imprinted all of the soul’s memories and tendencies from the beginning of its evolutionary journey through the material planes.
3. The higher intellect is the part of the mind which has greater clarity, spiritual discrimination, and detachment from the illusions of the common mind.
4. The common mind is a programmed system of beliefs and reactions. When one functions from his common mind, he is under the influence of past experiences which have programmed him to react and think mechanically towards situations without the freedom to act from his highest possible potential. He reacts like a robot as he has learned to.
5. The energy body is an energy system which supplies all of these other bodies (including the physical body which is next in line) with the power upon which they function. If this energy system is depleted, or if the energy is not flowing harmoniously, then these bodies and their respective functions will suffer (while the soul is incarnated).
6. The physical body is the one which we all know and to which we all are attached and give so much importance. We are obsessed with its health, its appearance and its pleasures. These attachments are the cause of most of our problems.


Some scientific experiments will help us to understand the importance of this energy body. One experiment was with fertilized chicken eggs. These eggs were photographed daily in an electromagnetic field so that, through Kirlian photography, the scientists would be able to see the energy field of the egg. After a few days an embryo appeared on the Kirlian photography of the egg. This surprised the researchers, because it was much too early for the development of the embryo. They opened the egg and there was no embryo. The most likely conclusion then would be that the energy field of the embryo exists before the actual development of the physical embryo in the egg. We can understand from this that the energy body of each person exists before the formation of the physical body in the mother’s womb. The cells then form around this energy field, guided by its “energy structure”, which eventually becomes a material structure. Thus the energy body is the creative force – structure for the creation of the physical body. Of course this energy field has its own cause in the higher bodies. A second experiment concerns sea sponges, which were taken from the sea, cut up into small pieces and passed through a silk screen so that they was broken up into individual cells and placed into a large laboratory beaker. The next day the very same sponge had reformed itself into the exact same structure. A logical conclusion would be that the energy field of the sponge remained intact, although the physical structure was completely dissolved. The remaining energy field was then able to guide the cells into the particular positions so that the sponge could continue its life and functions. We can see, from these two experiments, that the energy body is an energy field which both guides the creation of the physical body and maintains its structure and vitality throughout its life. Few of you will need proof that, when our energy is low our emotional, mental and creative functions are all diminished and frequently negative and unpleasant. Neither do we need proof that our physical and psychological health is much more vulnerable when our energy is run down.


This bioenergy is to our body as electrical energy is to our house. Our electrical energy can be used and expressed in a variety of ways such as heat, cold, music, vacuum, or movement, according to the machine or instrument through which it is expressed. In the same way, our one bioenergy is used for heating the body, for walking, running, working, creating babies, thinking, creating new cells, removing unwanted guests in our body, digesting our food and, of course, the functioning of all our senses and limbs. What can we expect when this energy is flowing abundantly and harmoniously through our body-mind system? On the physical level we can expect health, vitality, agility and freedom from pain or illness. On the emotional level we will experience peace, contentment and love. Mentally we will experience inner peace, clarity, effective functioning and creativity. Socially we live in love, mutual respect, openness, cooperation and unity. And eventually we will be the recipients of the spiritual qualities of universal love, wisdom, inner peace, unity with all beings and transcendence of our personal self and the realization of our Universal Self. Thus, we can see from our discussion until now that this one universal bioenergy is a creative force in the development of the body. It is the sustaining power which keeps the body alive. It is essential for the proper physical and mental functions. It is also the vital energy through which our being will evolve and develop higher spiritual qualities. It is, in addition, the connecting link between ourselves and all beings and objects around us. We connect with these beings and objects through our invisible energy fields. We even connect with other dimensions of reality of which we are not even aware through these energy channels. As shown on our original diagram, this energy field is the connecting link between our body and our mind. When there is a disturbance in the mind, such as anxiety, fear, depression or anger, there results a corresponding contraction and distortion of the energy field. This then has a direct effect on the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands, which transfer these emotional states into physical conditions in the nervous and endocrine systems. These changes in these two master systems are then manifested in all the systems, including the immune system, the digestive, respiratory, skeletal, circulatory, muscular, lymphatic and eliminative systems. On the other hand, when there is some disturbance in the physical body, such as in the digestive system, due to poor eating habits, or in the spinal column, due to poor posture, these physical factors inhibit and distort the energy flow and this creates negative emotional and mental states. Thus we can see the extreme importance of keeping this energy in a harmonious flow.


Just as there are laws which govern the harmony of the universe, such as the law of gravity and laws governing electromagnetic fields, and just as there are guidelines which contribute to the creation of harmonious music, there are laws which govern the harmonious functioning of the individual and society. These laws have to do with the natural ways in which man was made to eat, breathe, move, think and interact with others and his environment. When man functions in harmony with these laws, he experiences an abundant and harmonious flow of energy. When he does not live and act in harmony with these laws, his energy field, health and thoughts and social behavior become discordant. Only man has the choice not to live in harmony with these laws. All other beings on the earth are bound to live according to their inner nature. Only man has the free will to ignore his inner nature. This is his blessing and his curse, depending on whether or not he uses this opportunity to consciously participate in his divine nature. This offers him the opportunity of evolution or of loosing his balance altogether (at least temporarily). Let us now consider the factors which we need to take into consideration in creating an abundant and harmonious energy supply. We are interested in both quantity and quality. We are not interested in having large quantities of nervous energy which we cannot express harmoniously or creatively. Such energy often causes emotional outbursts and can be harmful to our relationships and clarity of mind. We are interested in a steady flow of energy which does not have abrupt changes such as exhaustion or aggressiveness. Take a piece of wood as an example. By itself it does not emit large quantities of energy. You might say that it is in a state of inertia exhibiting a low energy flow. If we set it on fire, then there is a large amount of energy being released but it is not easily controlled or utilized effectively. This is like the nervous energy which flows out of some individuals in an uncreative and often destructive way. Eventually we have the glowing coal, which emits a steady flow of intense energy, which can easily be used effectively for our needs. This is the type of energy we are seeking. We are neither interested in being dead wood, nor in being a raging fire.


Let us now refer to the accompanying diagram which will help us understand the human energy system. The rectangle with four holes on the sides and one hole on the top and one on the bottom represent the individual. The circle above represents the universal source of energy, which most of us call God, or Universal Being, or Universal Energy Field. Imagine this circle as a sphere and around it as many rectangles as there are humans or beings of all kinds. Each being takes its energy from this one source. It is the only source. Each being receives this energy from the hole at the top of the rectangle. Some naturally receive more than others as their upper aperture is more open. They have greater contact with the higher levels of their being and more abundant flow of energy. Everyone has this contact with this universal source during the hours of sleep. Without sleep we would become totally exhausted and disoriented. The purpose of spiritual life, however, is to learn to open up to this energy consciously and to eventually be constantly open to it so that even sleep would become unnecessary. The ultimate function of this energy is to flow towards the purpose of each individual’s life. Each soul has come to this earth for a specific purpose. Each has come to learn, to serve and to create. We need to learn what we have come to learn, and how we have come to create and serve. Few, however, are aware of their life purpose, and thus they do not direct their energies towards that purpose. Their energies are lost in seeking after temporary pleasures, security or self affirmation. We become drained, disillusioned and unhappy because we spend much energy without the corresponding feeling of satisfaction which we are seeking. This satisfaction can be had only by those who have discovered their life purpose, and are directing their energy towards it. The aperture at the bottom of the rectangle represents the energy which flows towards our life purpose. The four holes on the sides represent the energy which is lost in other directions. One major loss of valuable energy is superficial talking. Most of us talk much more than we need to. Our goal is usually to affirm ourselves in the other’s eyes, or to fill in the silence with which we feel uncomfortable. We not only loose a tremendous amount of spiritual energy but also fill our minds (and others’ too) with a large quantity of useless information or negative impressions which then disturb our mental and emotional state. Inner silence is then even more difficult and we need other forms of tension release in order to balance ourselves. Thus, even more energy is lost and thus fails to be directed towards our life purpose. A second hole, through which we loose energy is overeating. We eat in order to get energy. But through over eating and through eating difficult combinations of foods we actually loose energy and lower our spirituality. This is why all religions encourage fasting before the major spiritual events. In this way people’s senses are more spiritually attuned. A third hole through which we loose valuable spiritual energy is through our chasing after temporary sources of pleasure, happiness, security and self affirmation. Our attention and energy are continuously focused outwardly as we try to obtain and hold onto whatever we believe will make us happy or secure. We may chase after relationships, money, possessions, professional or social positions, drugs, food, vacations, recreation or anything else which we hope will make us happy. There is nothing wrong with having any of these. The problem occurs when we waste large quantities of energy trying to obtain them, and then trying to keep them. We also loose energy fearing loosing them and then feeling depressed when we have lost them. In reality they offer very little happiness and much unhappiness. The fourth hole, through which we loose energy, is through our anxiety and worry about what will happen. Most people loose large quantities of energy because of their lack of faith and fear which causes them to worry about the very little details in their lives. They often imagine the worst in every situation, as their minds conjure up the worst possible outcomes for whatever problem may concern them. They have little faith in themselves, in others and in God.


In the center of the rectangle we see various blockages which obstruct the free flow of the individual’s energy towards his life purpose. What might these blockages be? One main blockage is the lack of self-confidence. When one is not sure of his abilities and, especially, when one is afraid of failure in the eye’s of others, he is not likely to allow his energy to flow freely towards what his inner self guides him to do. Out of fear he will suppress his creativity and fall into a state of inertia. Another basic energy blockage is created by the feeling of guilt, or the lack of self-acceptance. When someone does not accept himself, or feels shame or guilt, he does not feel that he has the right to express his inner energies or to create a more beautiful life for himself. He withholds his energies, and often becomes caught up in self-destructive mechanisms with food, alcohol, drugs or relationships, thus undermining his own happiness, creativity and success. Obviously it will be difficult to direct his energy towards his life purpose. Fear is another major obstacle towards the fulfillment of one’s life purpose. Fear is an imaginary wall which prohibits him, who fears it, to pass through it. Each of us has limited himself in a self-created prison which limits our freedom. The walls of this prison are made up of his fears. When we overcome fear, we will be free to move creatively and effectively towards our life purpose. The main fears which we will have to overcome are our fears of death and of what other people think about us. When we have overcome these two we will be considerably freer.


How then can we proceed towards increasing our energy level and directing towards our life purpose? The first step is to search for our life purpose and get free from any obstacles which prevent us from realizing it to our fullest potential. We do not have space in this book to go into this matter deeply. This subject is covered in detail in our book “UNIVERSAL PHILOSOPHY”. The importance of connecting to one’s life purpose can be understood by the example of an electrical cable, which needs to be plugged in at both ends, on one end to the wall source and on the other to a cassette player, or an iron, or a vacuum cleaner. If the cable is plugged into the machine and not into the wall source, then no energy will flow, This is like someone being connected to his life purpose but not to the universal source. Thus there is a lack of energy with which to act. On the other hand if the cable is connected to the wall source but not to the machine or instrument, again no energy will flow. In order for the energy to flow from its source, it must be connected to a purpose, otherwise it will remain stagnant. The same is true of the human being. If he is not connected to some purpose, his energy will stagnate. At first the purpose which stimulates him has to do with his physical and emotional needs and his energy is stimulated by these needs and desires. Eventually he realizes the temporary and superficial nature of these goals, and seeks for something deeper – a meaning in life. Another reason why it is necessary to first connect, at least to some degree, with one’s life purpose is that if one increases significantly one’s energy level without having an outlet for that energy, then one may encounter various physical and emotional problems. This “outlet” may not be the highest spiritual purpose for which one has incarnated but it can be something which is constructive and beneficial for the person and those around him. The second step in this process is to begin removing the energy blockages within the system such as fear, and the lack of self-confidence and self-acceptance. These can be done through self analysis and various reprogramming techniques as described in our book “The Psychology of Happiness”. Understanding the spiritual truths, which are at the basis of our own existence, will also be beneficial. The third step is to begin to reduce the amount of energy which is lost through the holes on the side of our rectangular energy system. This means a change in life style, with less superficial talking and less overeating. Gradually, with the help of the various spiritual techniques such as exercises, breathing techniques, deep relaxation, positive thought projection, prayer, analysis, meditation and selfless service towards others, one will begin to free himself from the illusion that happiness can be found through external factors and thus will spend less energy seeking outward for satisfaction. In the same way as we develop greater faith in ourselves, in others and in God, we will loose less energy through worry and anxiety. The fourth step is to open up the upper aperture through which we receive this spiritual energy from the one universal source. This will be done as we increase our hours of prayer and meditation and, gradually, transform our belief system, so that we feel an ever more steady opening of the heart and feelings of unity towards others and our environment. When all this has been done, we will experience a steady and harmonious flow of energy in all aspects of our lives. The techniques which will help us with this process have been discussed both in this and our other books. Let us simply enumerate them here:
1. Daily contact with water in the form of a shower and frequent washing of the face, arms and hands renews and harmonizes the energy flow.
2. A pure healthy diet of fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and beans, unroasted and unsalted nuts, dried fruits and dairy products, will create a healthy and vital body.
3. Physical exercises, both dynamic and static, are essential for the release of energy blockages and the free flow of bioenergy.
4. Breathing techniques with emphasis on deep rhythmic breathing, according to various specific breathing ratios, increases and harmonizes the bioenergy. When this breathing is done through alternate nostrils the harmonizing effect is even greater.
5. Deep relaxation techniques allow us to become mentally aware of these blockages and to release them through inner mental process of surrender and letting go, as well as positive imagery and conscious guidance of the energy flow.
6. Self-analysis enables us to discover the psychological mechanisms which impede and distort our energy flow. Gradually we are able to free ourselves from these mechanisms and liberate our energy flow from these emotional mechanisms.
7. Prayer opens our minds to the higher sources of spiritual energy, which gradually transform our inner vibration and bring peace.
8. Positive thought projection develops positive flow patterns in our energy field, allowing our energy to flow towards the creation of positive realities for ourselves and others.
9. Creative activities allow our inner creative energy to flow outward, releasing blocked energies and offering us a sense of inner satisfaction and self esteem.
10. Connecting to our life purpose is essential for the reasons which we have mentioned earlier.
11. Meditation frees the mind temporarily at first and, gradually, more and more permanently from the various through forms, which limit our flow of energy, love and creative power throughout our life activities and contacts.
12. Love is the state in which our energy is open towards all of those around us. This opening ensures a steady flow to us from the divine source and from us to others. We become like channels of love energy which flows through us into our environment.
13. Wisdom of the spiritual truth that all is God and that we are not these bodies or minds but, actually, that divine consciousness in a body, allows us to overcome all obstacles toward harmony, love, evolution and the manifestation of our inner divine potential here on Earth.


We can understand now what an important role energy plays in our search for health, harmony and evolution. The technology of energy is then an essential for any attempt towards meditation. The quality of any meditation is clearly dependent on the quality of energy which we have at that moment. If we are lacking energy, our meditation is likely to be filled with images and feelings from the dream state. If we are nervous and upset, we will think throughout the meditation about what is bothering us. Any one who wants to succeed in meditation and in the process of spiritual evolution, or who simply wants to live a healthy and happy life, would be wise to attend consciously to his energy system through the techniques mentioned.

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