A18 Evolution of Squirrel: This is a parable about a snake which evolves into a squirrel and then into an Owl. It describes our spiritual evolution as the energy flows up through our energy centers


It was exactly 21 minutes before midnight.
The sky was very dark; no moon,
not even a star.
I was lying at the bottom of the largest tree
I had ever seen. In fact, the branches
reached up so high in the sky
that I couldn’t see the top.
I was there, not by accident –
for coincidence
is a word we use to explain those events
which follow laws we
have not yet discovered.
I was there to hear the life of «Who Owl», who had been sitting immovably continuously, and silently for the last twelve years.
If fact, it will be exactly 12 years at midnight.
How did I know that he would break
his silence at 21 minutes to midnight?
I just happened to be here by design.

It began.
Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu continuously uuuuuuuu
with my eyes closed uuuuuuuuuu
the sound began creating images in my mind uuuuuuuuuuuu and the story began to unravel like a dream uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
in color uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and sound which came from every where uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

«WhuuuuuuuuΖ it was 84 years ago at midnight that the sun confused the world by coming out at night. But even the sun can get bored with such routine, coming out only during the day.
«A brilliant beam of light flashed down to earth at the root of this tree. The light solidified into an egg, a snake’s egg.
«WhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuΖ that was my beginning on the earth. I emerged as a snake and made my home in the first hole of this tree, on the ground level. I never looked up. I crawled in two dimensions only. Only two things interested me during those twelve years – FOOD and SLEEP. I moved only as necessary to have food. I would kill my food, eat it, and lie in the sun to digest. This was the extent of my life.
«Each winter brought hibernation and shedding of skin, and each spring was a rebirth into a new skin. But all was the same: new skin, same me. Searching food and sleeping. Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
«WhuuuuuuuuuuuuuΖ in the 13 th year (Owl-years, that is) I awoke in the second hole of the tree. I was transformed. I was now a squirrel with four legs and a much shorter tail. But I had no memory of my previous snakehood. The instinctual need for food and sleep remained, but a new desire was searching for fulfillment within me. I wanted a mate and family.
«I left my hole searching only for a mate, or food for myself and my family. Each winter brought hibernation, and each spring rebirth. Each spring was a clean new start, for when I awoke I had no memory of the previous year or of my previous family.
«These were not easy years, for although I desired to have a mate, it was nearly impossible to live in harmony with them. I had to learn responsibility and compromise, which are not so easy as one might think.
«But each spring I awoke with a fresh desire to try it all again, a new mate, a new family. Now don’t get the idea that it was all troubles – there were many beautiful moments of togetherness and love.
«For twelve years, with twelve mates and twelve families I lived in the second hole of this eternal tree. Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
«WhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuΖ in the 25th year I found myself in the third hole of the tree. I looked down to see a world out there full of squirrels and other animals. Although I had no recollection of my 24 years in the lower holes, the instinctual need for food, sleep, a mate and family remained.
«In addition, however, I now had the ambition to make something of myself in the world. I had desire for power, money, fame and social achievement. I achieved these goals to varying degrees during the 12 summers spent in this hole of the tree.
«During the first summer I became a famous athlete, mastering the sports of “acorn-polo” and “basketacorn” and “footacorn”. I was well known on all the lower holes of the tree.
«However, winter came and with it, dreaded hibernation. I had really come to fear and wanted to avoid this inevitable hibernation. It meant an end to all the power, professions, and fame I had accumulated and become attached to during the summer.
«The next spring I awoke with a gift for buying and selling. During that next year I became an extremely wealthy merchant and I indulged in every luxury for myself and my family. It was perhaps during the approach of winter that year that I had the greatest fear of hibernation. All my wealth would dissolve in the rain of time separating winter from spring.
«During my third summer there I became a teacher of young squirrels. In the 4th I was ill much of the time and took odd jobs at home. The remaining summers in the third hole found me mastering various careers: a famous actor, a drama critic, a lawyer, a thief, an explorer, a powerful politician, a revolutionary guerrilla, and my last summer was spent as a social worker.
«WhuuuuuuuuuuuΖ I awoke in the 37th year of my life on the fourth level, once again ignorant of my years on the lower levels. Food, sleep, a mate, a family, power, money, fame, all remained to be a part of what interested me, but new strange urges were growing within me.
«There was a need for love and communication with others. I began joining together with other groups of squirrels and even other animals on the fourth level. I was trying somehow to be open and loving towards all beings, even if they weren’t squirrels.
«We joined together according to various interests, whether it be games or business, pleasure or work. It was just an excuse to be together and share ideas, feelings and love.
«My family was still an important part of my life during those early years on this level, but toward the 44th year my interest was projected more outward. I was interested in helping society in some way, Then in the summer of my 44th year I first came in contact with a “BORING Group”.
«I had heard the word before, but had always been conditioned by the slogan so predominant on the lower levels, “Boring is boring”. (As a noun the first “boring” indicates the act of drilling a hole into the center of the tree for upward passage. As an adjective the second “boring” shows it ‘s pretty dull).
«WhuuuuuuuuuuuΖ there was a magnetic atmosphere of peace and love in the room, and all the other squirrels accepted me with a gentle smile. In the front, about to speak was a very special white-haired squirrel with the shortest tail I had ever seen. And even more to my amazement he had a few owl feathers sticking out of his side.
«My friend, who had brought me, understood my amazement and explained that this squirrel had come down from the fifth level and that many of the squirrels on that level had begun to grow feathers.
«That was also the first time I was aware consciously of the fact that this tree actually had six holes or seven levels on which one could live.
«As the wise old squirrel spoke it was as if he were picking knowledge and truth out of my own mind and placing it before my eyes so that I could see it more clearly.
«I didn’t really remember much of the details of what he said, but I was so overwhelmed by his love and peacefulness and understanding that, I began to attend these “Boring meetings” more and more regularly.
«We talked, we sang, we danced, and ate together, but in a different way than in the 3rd hole where all was competition and aggression. I spent less and less time in the lower holes and became more and more absorbed in these groups.
«We started therapy clinics and welfare centers for the less fortunate animals. In general we were concerned for the welfare of the whole animal community – not just our own individual needs.
«Twelve years, I lived in this way. Toward the end I was less fearful of hibernation, thanks to the “Boring meetings” through which we learned that although we lost all our possessions and family during the hibernation period, the important fact was that we were the same consciousness which woke up the following spring.
«We learned certain habits of living by which we could be happier and more loving squirrels. By obeying these laws of nature our tails grew steadily shorter, and, theoretically, one day we would begin to grow feathers and stand on two legs like the wise squirrel from the fifth level.
«Deep inside every squirrel wanted to fly, but very few really believed they ever would. The laws of nature which we were to follow in order to prepare our bodies and minds for flying someday to the infinitely distant top of the tree in which we lived were:
1) Not to harm ourselves or any other being in the forest.
2) Never to lie or deceive ourselves or others.
3) Never to take anything which was not rightfully ours.
4) Never to take or want more of anything than what we needed for a simple squirrel life.
5) To treat all other beings, no matter what their form, as we would like to be treated ourselves.
6) To be content with our present condition while always trying to improve.
7) To practice daily cleansing of our bodies and thoughts.
«These guidelines for living constituted the foundation for safe and successful “Boring” as the inner need of every squirrel’s life, whether he knew it or not.
«So on faith and belief in what the elder Squirrels told us, I tried as well as I could to follow these suggestions from my 44th to my 49th year. I often failed and had many moments of doubt and confusion as to whether it was worth it. Occasionally I would sneak down to the 3rd hole in the evening and enjoy nightly squirrel pleasures. But the morning after I was always full of guilt and vows to never again abuse myself in that way.
«This often renewed my determination to find the inner strength to follow the 7 laws of nature and attend more “Boring meetings”.

«WhuuuuuuuuuuuuΖ » the wise old “Who Owl” continued his unbroken Whuuu.
This was all in one breath, mind you,
and it was now 9 minutes to midnight.
But very strangely it was
becoming lighter in the sky.
The WhuuuΖ carried me back to the story. Uuuuuuuuuu.
«WhuuuuuuuuuuΖ In my 49th spring I awoke with a very joyous feeling in my heart. I was a lighter colored squirrel and had a rather shorter tail. And I soon discovered that I was living on the fifth level of this endlessly ancient tree.
«The instinctual, natural desires of my earlier years as a snake and a squirrel living in the lower holes had been greatly attenuated by the repeated observance of the 7 laws of nature.
«I had a simple love in my heart for all beings, and during these years I took a family or profession or not, as was most suitable for my one main purpose – understanding the truth about life.
«I spent the first few summers studying at the higher level universities and centers for learning on this 5th level. Here we learned the laws of physical nature, and this we called science. I mastered completely the knowledge of physical nature, and became in a short time the foremost authority on methods of climbing to the infinitely high top of the tree in which we all live.
«This was always the unspoken goal of every squirrel scientist: to devise a way to ascend to the unreachable top-limit of our known world.
«Others working on a more mystical level conceived the idea that squirrels could fly. And indeed there were some flying squirrels, but unfortunately they could only fly laterally or downward.
«Although I was the most renowned scientist in my field, I began to become quite disillusioned with my work and the approach. I had become so involved in my feverish attempt to solve this problem with all the facts known to squirrels at that time, that I lost all contact with the love and happiness with which I had begun my years on the fifth level. I had even given up observing the 7 laws.
«i had begun to seriously wonder what life was all about – Why was I alive? Why was I a squirrel and not some other animal? Why was I this particular squirrel. and not some other squirrel? Everything seemed meaningless and confused. There seemed to be no purpose in life, not even the 7 laws, or “Boring groups” (which truly, now, were boring). Science had failed me. I had come to the end of the trail. I didn’t care to live anymore. There was no purpose, no reason to live.
«I decided to jump out of the fifth level and end my life in the perilous fall to the ground.
«I stood ready and determined to take that final and fatal step, to put an end to my tormented mind.
«But here as I was standing looking down, ready to jump, I saw far far below a snake crawling along the earth toward the first hole of the tree. And before I could really understand the strange feeling which that sight created within me, I heard for the very first time the eerie sound of the «Whuuuuuuuuuuu» from far above. In the sky far above the fifth level, I saw the spectacular flight of what I now know to be an owl.
«The snake below, the owl above and the “Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” released some great tension in my mind, and a flood of strange feelings and ideas began to flow into my body and mind. It was like a river flowing after the first autumn rain, soothing and healing the thirsty river bed dried and cracked by the scorching summer sun.
«I turned and walked in a trance-like state toward my 5th level abode, contemplating that strange sight of the owl and snake and the feeling it created within me.
«Upon arriving home, to my great surprise I found the door open and inside was sitting an elderly squirrel, white-haired and with a few feathers on his back side. Immediately the memory of my earlier years with the “Boring groups” came back to me. This was my first “past-summer recall”, as I was soon to learn to call them.
«Somehow and in some strange way I half expected this squirrel to be there and also I intuitively knew that I was supposed to sit in front of him and that he was going to speak to me. As he spoke, it was like my earlier “Boring meeting” experiences, where the speaker seemed to be picking the thoughts out of my own mind and simply putting them into words before me so that I could clearly see them. They were ideas that were seeds within me – he was ripening them so that I could eat and digest them.
«He began and I listened:
«”You have seen the snake and the owl. The snake is your past. The owl is your destined future. The snake egg was formed from a beam of light, and the egg hatched the snake; that was your beginning in this tree. For 12 years you lived like a snake according to the desires of a snake, ignorant of the beam of light from which you originated, and which continues to be the only source of your life. This light is the thread linking together your summers which are only apparently broken by the hibernation in winter.
«”You have spent 42 years as a squirrel, also ignorant of your essential “light nature”, and of your destiny to reunite with that nature. You are in a process of evolution. You will develop into an owl gradually over the years, and then you will be transformed into the beam of light which you really are, have always been, and always will be.
«”This is the purpose of life – to realize your light nature. There is a method of doing this, and you shall learn it. We call it Boring. Not as you know “boring” from your previous group meetings, although that has prepared you to take this step now.
«”You have sought to reach the limitless heights of this tree through all of your facts and formulas.
«”Well, here is a fact you know, but have ignored. It is impossible to scale this tree from the outside, because every winter all is wiped clean. Even if you could extend summer for an immeasurable amount of time (and may the sun forbid such a thing) you could not succeed because the law of gravity prevents any gross physical matter from reaching those heights. This is a law of nature.
«”Only energy – light energy can reach the top of the tree”.
«At this point I interrupted my teacher, and, trying to impress him with my own ability to think for myself, asked, “But what about that owl I saw flying so high in the sky? How can his body go so high?”
«He smiled compassionately and calmly answered as if it were the next thing he was going to say. “But it is possible to raise the energy level of the molecules of your squirrel body and this manifests as the gradual replacement of fur with feathers. The tail, which is the extent of your lower nature, decreases, along with a decease in the density of the molecules of your physical body. The feathers symbolize evolved consciousness and increased energy in your physical form”.
«Now my mind was racing – it all made sense and I was eager to undergo this process. I was excited – life had meaning, life had purpose. And I had a grand destiny ahead of me. “How do I do this?” I asked.
«Before I could understand what was happening, his eyes were closed and his mouth opened into a perfect circle. With a deep, full breath, he gently but ever so powerfully exhaled the sound, ” Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…”
«I understood that I was to join him. At first my attempts were very weak and self-conscious, and then rather loud and boisterous. Finally, when I gave up trying, it was as if the sound of his “WhuuuuuΖ” entered into my heart, and my heart began to vibrate according to the law of sympathetic vibration in harmony with his. Without effort at all, as if I didn’t exist, the Whuuuu began to flow from my heart. There was no longer “his Whuuu”, and “my Whuuu”, there was only one Whuuuuu flowing of its own accord through our united hearts.
«When the Whuuuuu subsided on its own, it continued on a mental level and my lesson continued silently. Both of us sat spines straight, eyes closed, hearts and minds in total union, and the answer to my question began to flow up from the depths of our united mind:
«”In the center of this tree there lies a central channel of subtle matter called the “sushumna canal”. This is an exact replica of a similar channel which lies in the center of your spinal column. This channel of soft, highly energized material which cannot be detected by the scientific instruments of today but shall be in the future, connects the six holes or levels of this tree including the 7th level which is the top. The bottom three are called “holes” for those who live in them truly live in darkness. From the fourth to the sixth they are called “levels” for here begins the conscious awakening. There is no name for the limitless top, for no words can describe it.
«”And within you are six centers of energy plus the top level. You are undergoing 12 year cycles of awakening these centers within you while living on each level of the tree. As this process takes place, the molecules of your body and mind are energized and infused with greater and greater consciousness.
«”BORING is the method of clearing out the central canal within the tree so that you may rise to higher levels of the tree. Until now this has happened automatically and unconsciously, especially during periods of sleep and hibernation when your LIGHT NATURE attended to the task. But now you must do this consciously, so as to infuse also the conscious mind with this light nature.
«”This is done by BORING in your own spinal column and awakening the centers of consciousness within yourself. As you transform your inner reality, so will your outer reality change.
«”This is done by BORING the mind with the question WHOOOOOO? Which sounds like WhuuuuuuuΖ, the sound made by the great owls. It symbolizes the question WHO AM I?
«”Whuuuu is the sound the Light makes when it forms the snake’s egg. Whuuu is the sound of the Light while it sustains your life. Whuuu is the sound the Light makes when the Owl is transformed back into Light and merges back into the Sun. Whuuu is the thread which connects all beings living in this great tree.
«”Make the sound of the Whuuu in your mind constantly, and especially at the point of falling asleep for winter hibernation.Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”.
«I opened my eyes and he was gone, but I felt his presence within me. We were merged on some deep level forever.
«I spent the next seven years practicing the various disciplines of eating, breathing, exercising, and boring as instructed by the many teachers and books which came my way – always at the right time and in the right place.
«The seven laws of nature had become my very nature, and I spent these seven years rather isolated from society in the incessant search for the answer to the question “Who am I?”
«All answers seemed to be within me, but often needed external beings or experiences to draw that understanding forth. It was rather difficult; a time of testing, and there were occasional moments of confusion, doubt, and wanting to give it all up.
«There were times when I felt that nothing had changed and that no progress had been made. But something from inside wouldn’t let me stop. That wise old squirrel with the feathers was always speaking to me from my heart.
«He would leave me alone to flounder in my confusion until I was at the point of desperation. Only then would he intercede with his miraculous hand to give me a boost or restore my faith. It was always a terrible test, but nothing else seemed important now.
«WhuuuuuuuuuuuuΖ it was my 61st year when I first awoke on the 6th level. I had my first feathers. I was excited at first, but after a while it seemed quite normal. Along with the diminishing tail and increasing feathers came other mental and physical powers.
«I was soon able to recall at will experiences of past summers, all the way back to my days as a snake on the first level. I could also do this for other squirrels, but avoided it unless absolutely necessary.
«A peaceful, powerful magnetism began to develop within and around me. Others came to absorb these vibrations. When necessary, and within the law of recycle, I would lay my hands on the ill or the unhappy to relieve them. I would teach and repeat various sounds and phrases which called upon beneficial forces known only to those living on the sixth level.
«At every moment, however, my mind was engaged in the Whuuuu which had become a continuous river of energy, love, and consciousness flowing through my heart. No matter what I was doing, saying or thinking, the Whuuu was the ether upon which these actions moved, just as water supports a boat.
«I had become a channel, a receiver of cosmic energies which descended from the limitless above and were transformed into deeds, words and thoughts through the medium of material body and mind.
«I offered all thoughts, words and actions to the Sun, to the light which was my very nature, and to the wise “Who Owls” who sat silently on the limitless top of the tree, offering silent inspiration to all who could open themselves to receive.
«During the last six years on the 6th level, I taught to those who would hear.
«I taught the law of recycle, which operates on so many levels and which is so essential to be made conscious for the squirrel interested in boring to the truth.
«The law of recycle, also called the “law of return” or “law of cause and effect”, is demonstrated by the complete circle of molecules from the roots of the tree to the fruit of the tree. The fruit is eaten by the squirrel which then digests it and eliminates it from his body, allowing it to fall to the roots of the tree where it begins its return journey back to the fruit and the squirrel.
«Each squirrel must realize that this is so with every thought, word and action which is sent out. It ultimately returns as fruit which must be eaten, like it or not. Everything returns.
«This also is true of consciousness. Consciousness leaves the body during sleep and returns upon waking. Consciousness leaves the body during hibernation and returns with a new body for the next spring. That new body is also the fruit of the sum total of thoughts, words and actions of all the previous summers, beginning with the emergence of the snake from the egg.
«All squirrels must seek to liberate themselves from the law of recycle in order to actualize their manifest destiny as owls and finally as the Divine light.
«Squirrels can progress in this evolutionary process in the 7 following ways:
1) By observing the 7 laws of nature.
2) By giving up all desire for the fruit of their actions.
3) By working for the good of all beings without selfish desires.
4) By being devoted to the qualities of Truth, Love, Peace and Righteousness, and to those beings who manifest these qualities.
5) By studying the Truth as silently communicated by the “Who Owls”.
6) By incessant practice of BORING with the Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (along with the preparatory exercises which lead to proper Boring).
7) By an act of the Divine SUN which liberates one Owl every 84 years.

«I taught with love, compassion and detachment. I expressed equal love for all and saw all beings as my self. No longer was I blinded by their physical form, but I looked deep within them, seeing the divine light which was my very own nature.
«I was no longer separate from the universe, but I lived immersed in the sea of the one light which expressed itself as my body and as all the other objects of the universe.
«Bliss was my very nature, although I manifested other emotions for the others’ sake.
«WhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuΖ the time was coming for the final metamorphosis. The hormones of my squirrel body had been completely altered in chemistry. My tiny tail was there only for its own sake, and I was completely covered with feathers.
«On the hibernation eve of my 72nd year, I called together my closest disciples and informed them that the time of my final hibernation had come.
«They rejoiced, and I gave my last discourse. “Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” each of them fell immediately into trance and received whatever they needed to hear.
«WhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuΖ in the spring of my 73rd year I awoke as a “Who Owl” and sat completely motionless on the limitless limit for 12 years, in total mental silence, allowing pure consciousness to flow through my emptiness down into the tree.
«And at this moment twelve years are completeΖ

Suddenly the Whuuu became tremendously loud and all the forest shook.
My eyes opened suddenly but only to be blinded by the dazzling Sun,
shining in the midnight sky.
For a moment I caught sight of the
“Who Owl”,
but only to see him evaporate into pure light which beamed back into the Sun,
absorbing the thunderous Huuuu with it.

Then, Silence and Darkness.

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