12 Ways of Dealing with Emotions

In addition to the various specific questions for each specific emotion offered on our web site, (http://www.HolisticHarmony.com/research/questionnaires/) there are some universally beneficial techniques that can be employed. These techniques will be described in more detail in our next ezine on overcoming fear.

They very briefly are:

1. Learn to accept yourself and your emotions as they are.
2. Objectify the emotion by:
a. Writing a letter to it,
b. Dialoguing with it,
c. Drawing it,
d. Speaking to it,
e. Dancing it.
The same can be done by writing to or dialoguing with the part of us that feels that emotion, rather than writing to the emotion itself. There is a slight difference. Try it.

3. Keep up a high level of energy through proper diet, exercise, breathing, relaxation, meditation, etc.

4. Visualize yourself feeling safe and worthy in those situations, which usually cause you to feel unpleasant emotions.

5. Make more dynamic efforts towards changing your reality so that it is how you would like it to be.

6. Develop faith in God, universal justice and in our own ability to deal with life.

The following will require an experienced guide:

7. Participate in discussion groups where you can share thoughts and feelings with others.

8. Learn to transform the form of the emotion in the subconscious.

9. Get help with transformation regressions to past experiences where you relive past events with the knowledge of the present. An alternative would be to get help from a EMDR practitioner.

10. Do Psychodrama with an experienced counselor concerning emotions which have to do with others.

11. Learn to do Dialoguing between “personas” or parts of us that have conflicting emotions.

12. In addition to the above we suggest that you learn to employ Emotional Freedom Techniques for specific emotions you might have at any given time.

We suggest that you photocopy the above list and have it on you so that when you are controlled by a negative emotion you can refer to it for a technique to employ.

We remind you that you can find specific questionnaires designed to aid you in discovering the roots of each emotion at http://www.HolisticHarmony.com/research/questionnaires/

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