03 What is TAT?

The Tapas Acupressure Technique(R) (TAT(R)),
is a leading-edge healing technique to end stress,
create vibrant good health and live a happy life starting right now.

The official site for TAT is http://www.tatlife.com/

TAT(R) can help you:
? Let go of the past and eliminate beliefs that keep you from achieving what you want and deserve in life
? Eradicate fears and phobias at their source
? Heal the emotional aspects of physical illnesses
? Stop the inner negative chatter that keeps you from creating the life you want
? Lose weight and keep it off

TAT(R) has been used successfully for:
addictions, allergies, animals, depression, eating disorders, natural disasters, OCD, physical conditions, rape and sexual abuse, relationships, sleep disorders and nightmares, achieving success and abundance, trauma, and weight loss.

Testimonials for T.A.T. Tapas Acupressure Technique

The Mexican Association for Crisis Therapy has used TAT with large groups of children (approximately 1,652) after natural disasters in Mexico (floods, 1998-1999), Nicaragua (floods and layndslides, 1999) Colombia (earthquake, 1999) and Venezuela (floods and landslide, 1999)….TAT is our favorite technique to reduce distress, because it is easy to teach and apply. We call TAT for children “The magician’s hat” and we teach it to them like part of a story.
Ignacio Jarero

During my first session with TAT, I experienced a long-standing, painful memory dissolve into a feeling of peace and acceptance in a matter of minutes. The memory remained, but the tears and painful emotion that usually surfaced the moment I recalled this event, were gone. I knew I had found something really powerful.
Lisa Saubolle

[Since doing TAT], what is definitely gone is this constant food struggle I had. The struggle was approximately 80% of my waking hours. If I tried to use willpower and not eat unhealthy foods, I had this huge struggle inside. I felt horrible. If I did eat the unhealthy foods, I would go into a very dark place inside myself. This struggle is completely gone. A.S.

A young woman came to see me hoping I could help her get on with her life. She felt stuck and depressed since four years ago when her friend died of a drug overdose…She thanked me for giving her her life back (with TAT). I could not get over how different her face looked.Marie

With TAT, I have begun to re-organize my self-image and gradually let go of this conviction that I cannot surrender to enjoy my life fully, free of fear of some monster inside of me.P.

I had three sessions with a 13-year-old girl who exhibited OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)….She now reports that she feels much more in control of her behavior and thoughts, and that she feels safer having a tool to provide an intervention when she’s feel fear coming on.Gina Haber

I had suspected when I went to see my osteopath and found her looking like a little bird with a broken wing that there were serious emotional issues behind her skiing accident, so I suggested we do TAT, which she had never heard of but was very willing to try. I certainly wasn’t prepared for what happened. Bronia Fuchs-Willig

A young fellow came to me who had been trying to quit smoking for some time. He just called me and said: “It s been a month now and although I sometimes think about having a cigarette, at those times I just go into the TAT pose and it passes. This is amazing.” Abraham Bruck

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