Keeping the Vision Alive

When we are young supple and pure, freshly removed from the mold of the Creator, we still have within us the vision of the perfect:
of perfect love
of perfect equality
of perfect justice.
We know very well who is sincere and can smell from afar all that is false.

The image of our true and perfect self lives abundantly in our conscience.

Challenge of our lives is to keep that vision alive in our heart’s center. To serve it and manifest it here on Earth.

The need to live in love and unity is ancient: Its roots draw their life substance from the center of our being.

We were created to become one with all and everything.

Unfortunately it is a fragile dream – a difficult one to actualize.

As we become «adults», the web of pain, disillusionment and defensiveness cover and suffocate it.

Society programs us with the message, «You cannot be truthful, caring, loving and still survive.» «Anyone who tries to is a dreamer.»

We gradually fall into the traps of alienation and loneliness.

Life’s responsibilities,
The anxiety of survival,
Our needs for affirmation,
Concerns about our children and other loved ones
and most of all, the realization that most have forgotten the vision,
all these, cause us to bury it deep within us so that it bothers us no more.

Occasionally we witness acts of love and unity, which remind us of our hidden desire, and we cry because we would like it to be that way always.

The truth is that our true nature is to feel love and unity in all situations

We will be able to create happiness, success and well being as individuals, families and society only when we have aligned ourselves with our inner vision of our true self.

All other efforts will be temporary and superficial solutions – Efforts to fill round holes with square objects. They can cover them but not fill them.

The time has come to bring to light the vision of a virtuous life to remember it as we did as children.

Now, however, there is an important difference. Now, united, we have the power to manifest it.

When we were children our vision atrophied because we were weak and dependent.

Now we are as strong and as free as our beliefs allow us to be.

With mutual support from those who remember and care for the vision, we can work together towards creating a society based on love, equality, justice, selflessness, cooperation and unity.

The manifestation of the vision requires simultaneously inner work and outer action.

We need to work on developing our selves becoming purer and stronger.

At the same time we serve the whole creating change.

It is in our hands.

Many groups have already started working on both levels.

You are needed and invited to merge your energy with these efforts adding your unique energies to this communal creation.

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