Healing Our Inner Child, part 4: Positive Affirmations

We suggest that you also read the parts previous and following to this.

The next step in healing the Inner Child is to free it from its mistaken perceptions of itself, others and life.

This will require first that we are able to some degree erase our old programming so that the new beliefs can be recorded. Otherwise, it is like recording new music on an old cassette, which we have not erased. We will hear two pieces if music at the same time.

Programming our minds with positive affirmations is useful and important but it does necessarily remove what is previously recorded.

Getting Free from the old Mistaken Beliefs

These old emotionally charged beliefs can be most effectively be removed by the following, all of which require experienced and dependable guides.

1. Regressions to our childhood years where we first release (perhaps through some sort of catharsis) and then transform our conclusions based on what happened. We do not change what happened, but rather the conclusions we made. So when we remember an angry or violent parent, for example, but realize that our self-worth and inner security are not in danger.

2. EMDR, which has, pretty much the same effect, but usually is quicker and more effective.

3. TFT or EFT heal the energy fields associated with these memories and often allow us to quickly and painlessly get free from the old emotions and perceptions.

Programming the Mind with Positive Affirmations

We can then move on to strengthen our belief in logical or spiritual truth.

This can be done in many ways. Some are:

1. Make signs of these or similar phrases and place them where you will see them often.

2. Write these phrases many times, or repeat them verbally often, so as to reprogram the subconscious mind.

3. Make deep relaxation or mind control and repeat these phrases into the relaxed and receptive mind.
We will give more details about that in future parts of this series.

4. Think deeply about them and attempt to discover in which situations you forget these truths and act without clarity and responsibility. Practice remembering these truths even in those moments of despair or emotional upset.

They are much more effective and lasting in their results than any type of tranquilizer or other chemical substances.

These attitudinal changes compliment and make more effective any other efforts toward self-healing, such as physical exercises, breathing techniques, cleansing techniques, proper diet, fasting, relaxation, mind control and meditation.

Possible Messages from us to our Inner Child

1. I love you and accept you exactly as you are.

2. I appreciate you and respect you.

3. I feel affection and tenderness for you.

4. You are free to do what you like, provided you are not hurting anybody.

5. You are capable and strong.

6. There is an infinite spiritual power within you, which protects you from illness, events and dangers.

7. Your body is healthy and strong and resistant to illness.

8. You live in a wise divine plan which brings to you only what is useful for your development.

9. You selected your parents and the events of your childhood and thus you created the perfect conditions for your development.

10. There is a Divine Power, which guides you from within.

11. There is within you an all-wise voice that leads you correctly in your life. Follow it.

12. You have the right and the responsibility to express your inner strength and beauty creatively.

13. You deserve love and respect from everyone, regardless of your appearance, social position, profession, knowledge, achievements and what others think of you.

14. Your self-worth is the same as that of every other soul, no more no less.

15. No one else can create or have the responsibility for your happiness, health or success.

16. You can help others but cannot create or assume responsibility for their happiness, health or success.

17. You are an eternal, divine consciousness in the process of developing the ability to express the beauty that exists within you.

18. Everything is Divine. There is no one or thing that is not the expression of the one universal consciousness – you are no exception.

19. It is not necessary to live your life according to the convictions or expectations of your parents or others. Love, respect and help them, but live according to your principles, needs and convictions.

20. Your parents are two eternal souls in a process of evolution whom you selected to play these roles in this incarnation. Your only real parent is God.

21. You have the same worth, wisdom, strength, and rights as the two eternal souls who played the role of your parents.

22. Whatever they did to harm you was out of ignorance or fear.

23. Your parents were once children who were programmed by their parents.

Important Note:

Some of us may have stored emotionally charged memories in our subconscious. We need to release these from our energy system in order to create health, happiness, peace, clarity, evolution and harmonious relationships.

Working with them, however, in some cases, may temporarily bring to the surface some unpleasant or disturbing feelings. We are of course experiencing these negative energies subconsciously and psychosomatically anyway.

Some guidelines for proceeding would be:

1. If you are going to work with your childhood experiences or any other intense emotions and especially depression, you should have an experienced guide for this work. Someone whom you trust and have access to if you need help.

2. Do not do such work immediately before sleeping, driving or important meetings.

Once you have completed the above feel free to move on to part 5.

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